5 Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces


Even though you live in a tiny flat, think big with these 5 decorating ideas for small spaces. Go beyond the limits and create the home of your dreams! You will be described to discover that decorating your home doesn’t have to be an expensive and time-consuming process. Some easy home decor ideas can make a world of difference.

1. Multitasking furniture

If you are looking for easy home decor ideas, you should focus on functionality. The best way to save space is to have furniture with dual purposes. If you want more bookshelf space and a home office, place the writing table and chairs next to the bookshelves. The writing table can be pulled and transformed into a dining table. If your office and bedroom must share the same space, take advantage of the walls. Add shelves for storage and a simple desk connected to a Murphy bed. The bed can be stored during the day to make some extra room.

2. Storage room

Smart storage is the key to small space. You can secure extra seats in the hallway on the wall. If you have stairs, add a shelving unit below them and transform the useless space into a great storage room. You can use the shelves to display books or decorations. If they are located near the kitchen, transform the unit into a mini bar. These are great decorating ideas for small spaces that look amazing.

3. Use shapes and colors

If your home can’t fit a ten-seats dining table, play with shapes and add a circular table that can seat more guests than the traditional rectangular one that has the same size. Avoid dark colors and use contrasts. For example, you can paint three walls beige and one wall orange, to add some color. If you can’t paint the walls, paint the furniture with white or light paint. Your bed can be resurrected with a new paint job that is cheap and stylish.

4. Bathroom tricks

To make a bathroom seem more spacious, try these decorating ideas for small spaces. Use narrow wall shelves to store bathroom products in a fashionable way. Place your cotton balls and lotions in fancy canisters. Use small baskets for additional storage. A great trick is the mirror-on-mirror technique. Place a large mirror on the wall and a smaller frame in the middle of it. This deco-era cinema idea will surely impress your guests!

5. The curtain divider

If you are sharing a space or just want to separate two rooms, use a curtain panel for a dramatic effect. For example, you can separate the living room from the dining room. Choose a color that matches the walls and furniture and a smooth pleasant material like silk.