8 Instagram Growth Hacks You Need to Know


If you’re in any way involved in the social media marketing scene, you may have heard of something called “growth hacking.”

Although its name may suggest some secretive or behind-the-scenes manipulation of the system for the benefit of your social media visibility, growth hacking is actually quite a simple process that both businesses and individuals can complete to increase traffic to their various online presences.

There’s no need for insider knowledge or insight into the dynamics of social platforms; in fact, becoming popular on places like Instagram is easy to accomplish. Here are 10 unique ways to growth hack Instagram and reap the rewards of increased brand awareness.

  1. Define an account theme.

There’s a misconception that social media is magically capable of elevating anyone into the spotlight with relatively little effort. In truth, creating a public image on Instagram requires a great deal of deliberation and calculated decisions.

One of the easiest ways to keep your account both focused and stable is by defining an account theme beforehand. This can be as easy as identifying types of photos to post or topics to address in general can be beneficial in the long run. By finding a niche for your specific account, you can vastly optimize your performance on Instagram.

  1. Diversify your content.

“Another caveat of social media marketing is the tendency to become attached to a singular type of content that does well and never truly branching out,” says John Rampton, founder of Due and Calendar. “Followers may expect a continuous stream of content, but most would vote against businesses sacrificing diversity to deliver on that promise.”

Instead of sticking to one method unwaveringly, marketers should always be experimenting with their modes of communication, their follower engagement strategies, and just their content in general. Businesses who diversify their content can safeguard their brand from stagnating in the eyes of their customers.

  1. Use a photo editor.

One of the most important aspects of Instagram marketing is image quality. Without crisp, intriguing visuals, it’s much harder to attract the curious eyes of potential customers. One possible solution to this issue is to start using a photo editing tool.

Taking the extra time to fine-tune all of your photo and video quality before posting can ensure that users will be more impressed by your account and more ultimately inclined to pay attention to your marketing efforts. Creating a habit of photo editing is a guaranteed method of boosting your online audience.

  1. Make use of the right hashtags.

On Instagram and other social platforms, hashtags bind conversations to one another, making discussion much more fluid. The use of hashtags has spread from online platform to online platform, making it an integral part of any Internet discourse, including social media marketing.

Businesses should definitely incorporate the use of hashtags into their Instagram posts, but going overboard. As long as companies are only including a few relevant, succinct hashtags, users will still feel engaged, while also not feeling overwhelmed by walls of text.

  1. Engage with followers now.

Social media marketing thrives upon producer-consumer interactions; without them, marketers lose precious chances to improve, and consumers feel ignored or unrepresented. These interactions make the whole system better by allowing for better marketing in general. Therefore, follower engagement is a crucial part of social media marketing and its continued success.

Businesses can go about this in many different ways; whether it’s following sprees, giveaways, or Instagram contests, any kind of engagement with followers can establish a more powerful connection between companies and their audience, leading to a more effective marketing strategy all around.

  1. Connect with potential influencers.

Influencer marketing is still relatively new. Just as connecting with followers is critical, there are certain individuals and brands with which establishing links can be monumentally helpful for a business. These potential influencers are accounts with already large presences that can be used to expand an already existing audience or reach out to previously uncontacted users.

Collaborating with other successful brands can have the beneficial effect of exposing your brand to new and curious eyes, while also providing new content for your existing user base. Connecting with influencers is a powerful method of growth hacking on Instagram.

  1. Springboard off other platforms.

Although Instagram is well-received as a marketing platform, there’s no shame in getting a little bit of help. Since most brands have multiple online presences spanning over several social platforms, the obvious choice may be to link those other accounts to your Instagram.

Doing so not only provides users with new content, but also increases overall traffic to both accounts and potentially new followers too. Instagram is powerful enough on its own, but having other accounts for support never hurts.

  1. Invest in analytics.

The final Instagram growth hack is often overlooked, but one of the most important pieces to the puzzle. Although followers and likes are valued as metrics of Instagram performance, there exist third-party tools, such as Owlmetrics, that can provide an even better picture of how your marketing strategy is really working out.

Owlmetrics offers Instagram analytics that provides useful information like when the best time to post is or what topics garner the most likes or what individual posts did for an account’s total following. Many applications like this exist, so the best practice is to start using one and adapting your marketing strategy to make extra considerations based on insights offered by Instagram analytics.