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How to Transform Your Mind and Your Life


      A website and blog offering hope, healing, divine guidance, angel messages and inspiration for those seeking better lives. Kim Vazquez is an Author, Transformational Life Coach, and Angel Intuitive.
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The Urban Domestic DIva


      The Urban Domestic Diva lives in many working women. And this blog is a place where these women can share ideas and learn how to keep their domestic endeavors and their career endeavors in balance and thriving. Discussions range from parenting, keeping a
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0/5, Guide Sports et Loisirs
 se propose de vous guider parmi la mutitude de produits geek ou technologiques qui sont présents sur le marché. Parfois, ces artciles sont futiles (gadgets technologiques), parfois ils sont utiles voires indispensables (GPS, montres, artic
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dios tiene un proposito


      Blog cristiano. Reflexiones. Devocional cada semana. Oraciones. El cristianismo como forma de vida más que como religión. Imágenes de las maravillas de Dios. Testimonios sobre vidas en el crtistianismo.
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Evolutionary Philosophy


      Evolutionary Philosophy is the home for a new belief system that explores the implications of a simple premise: we are all products of evolution. Learn here, teach here, evolve here.
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Our Daily Gospel


      Our Daily Gospel is a simple blog that has one cause. To reach as many people as possible to read the daily gospel written in the bible and make as daily guide to be close to God in different way as technology evolves, sparing a couple of time to Jesus is
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Life Beyond Retirement


      a blog portal focusing on news, ideas and inspiration for the retirement planning and living in retirement. Written entirely by oldsters who write about their experiences.
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Mister & Mister


      Documenting the fabulous things in life. Written by Chicago couple Jason Loper and Michael Schreiber.
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S.Karunagaran`s blog


      Posting special spiritual & material base articles to the world. Subject mainly covers issues of philosophy, health, income, education, relationship & computer maintainence.
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Decide on Daycare


      Daycare is a difficult parenting decision. Daycare information about the different kinds of childcare can be difficult to find. Our goal is to help you find the right daycare, childcare center or preschool that is right for you.
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 Jackie Chin Psychic for the Intellectual Mind


      Jackie Chin author/professional paranormalist, has been working with the general public for over 23 years. Need help with relationships, career, finance, life path? Contact Jackie Chin I can help you today!
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Cordials in the Courtyard


      This site is meant to enhance lifestyle. It includes humorous articles, things to do, pictures and recipes. It is slanted toward southern lifestyle, maryland in particular.
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God Loves You Thoughts - by Adron


      Short meditations to comfort and inspire. Finding guidance through Bible passages to encourage anyone to know God, and for the Christian to go deeper in their walk with God.
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Reptilian Rantings


      So my book, Reptiles on Caffeine, is about the fight or flight stress response; basically something everyone deals with in one way or another in life. I created my blog as an opportunity to discuss stress in the workplace & to laugh at reptilian behavior.
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      Blogs provide cognitive tools and spiritual techniques to repair and maintain sustainable relationships, and to end self-sabotaging behaviors getting in the way of one's happiness and success. The website also details my services as a psychiatrist skilled
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 Broken Urn


      Broken Urn is a success mindset and business philosophy blog. I share practical tips for success, as well as my own journey to design my life and live the lifestyle of my dreams. Join me.
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 chAMpagne bdaYs: Toasts to Health, Love & Life


      This blog features narratives on lifestyle topics, including wellness, beauty advice, interesting kids' stuff, and interesting finds for how to build and maintain healthy relationships.
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 Chris Yeager Writes Blog


      Essays on life from a Christian perspective. A normal guy trying to live a life that honors God and blesses others.
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 De Necesidad, Virtud


      I am Gianmatteo, a world citizen, trying to make his way through daily difficulties by maximizing my scarce resources. APROVECHAR LOS RECURSOS DE INTERNET PARA QUE TOD@S GANEN
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 Sri Ganga Mata's Blog


      Espiritual Life Coach Coach Ontológico. Canalizadora y Co-Creadora de las LLAVES DE TRASCENDENCIA ® Sintonizadora del REGISTRO AKÁSHICO Master Teacher de MAGNIFIED HEALING® y MAGNIFIED HEALING® CELEBRATION® Consejera en A
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