Basketball Equipment


Since its creation in 1891 basketball has quickly spread across the world becoming one of the most beloved games. Although certain leagues and regions have small variations from the original formula, the basic rules and equipment are quite standard. The main basketball equipment required to play the game are a specific court equipped with two hoops and a ball.

The standard size of a basketball court is 91,9 feet long and 49,2 feet wide. However certain leagues use a slightly different size. For example a standard NB court is usually 94 feet long and 50 feet wide, The floor of the court is made of wood planks( maple is ideal) which allow the ball to bounce in a proper manner. There is a specific design that is characteristic to this game. The rectangular court is split in two halves by a middle line. In the middle of the rectangular court is a perfect circle where the game usually starts. Two hoops are placed in the middle of the small exterior sides of the rectangular court. Fifteen feet from each hoop is the two point line while the 3 point line is marked by a 22 feet crescent around the hoop.

The basket is one of the main basketball equipment. It is basically impossible to play basketball without a basket. Even if you don’t have a court you can still engage in a casual game with your friends is you have a hoop installed in your backyard. A professional basket is made of a rim with a 18 inches diameter. The rim has a net attached to it and it is fixed on a board with a 6 by 3,5 feet dimension. The high of the rim is usually 10 feet. And it is position 4 feet inside the court. However, there are also a lot of models designed for amateurs . For instance some hoops can even be placed oh wheels for the purpose of saving space. And if you are a little crafty you can even make your own hoop.

Last but not least the final piece of the basketball equipment is the ball. Few people actually know that there are also regulations regarding the size and weight of the game. A perfect ball used in a men game should have a 29.5 inches circumference while a women basketball should have 28,5 inches. However these dimensions are only used for professional leagues, whilst on the school courtyard any basketball will do just fine. Professional leagues also have other types of additional equipment such as timers and score boards. However these don’t really influence the course of the game. The main thing you need to understand about basketball is the fact that this is a passionate game. The equipment is merely a canvas whilst the game is a type of art.