Fantasy Football


Fantasy football is a game which implies virtual competitions between various football teams. The results of these competitions are based on real facts and statistics. The player acts as a team manager. He can draft, buy or exchange players in order to perfect the best team. This is by far the best game for football enthusiasts as it gives them a preview of what it would be like to own a team. It is not enough to be passionate about football in order to be skilled at this game. You need to be fully informed about the latest football news. Furthermore you need to possess a certain intuition in order to make the best choices.

The game was developed in 1962 by a Oakland Raiders partner with the help of a journalist and the former public relation manager of the same team. The game spread very slowly mostly through bars amongst fellow football enthusiasts. It was only in 1997 that a fantasy football website was created. Since then, the game started to spread a lot faster until it ultimately become one of the most popular types of fantasy sports. Nowadays it is supported by ESPN, Yahoo, CBS, NFL as well as by many other companies and institutions. Due to the updated sports information found on the internet, the game is quite accurate, being based on a lot of real statistics. If you have never played this game now is the time to do it. Gather your friends and create your own league with a personalized scoring system. You can also join an existing league and compete against other players.

There are various types of fantasy football leagues that you can join. Knowing some facts about each league will help you decide which one suits you better. A head-to-head league has weekly competitions between different teams. The winner is the player who has most points at the end of a week. A total points league determines a winner solely by the number of points accumulated during the NFL-regular season advance until the playoffs. In a Dynasty Keeper League you have the possibility of keeping your players for an indefinite period. Because of this condition a team manager must focus his new acquisitions on young players who show long term potential. One can also join a Salary Cap league, an Auction League, the Daily Fantasy Sports or Playoff Fantasy Football.

Each league has its unique characteristics and it may require different skills. Some are based on winning percentages while others are based strictly on points. One thing is for sure, no matter the type of league in which you are playing you will definitely enjoy a great gaming experience. After all, there is nothing more enjoyable for football fans than making game predictions. This way you will not only make bets with your friends but you will also have the opportunity to see who has the most football knowledge.