Ford Start Concept


The growing global trend toward mass urbanization inspired Ford to produce a small, green, smart and fun car: Ford Start Concept. This design vision comes to satisfy driver`s transportation demands in mega cities worldwide.

The Ford Start Concept is not just a simple design exploration in the feasibility of a small car. This automobile is the proof that Ford will take the commitment of the EcoBoost engine technology even further, anticipating a fuel-efficient petrol Ford EcoBoost engine with only three cylinders and 1.0 litre of displacement while developing the power of a 1.6-litre I4 engine.

More than half of the world`s population lives in an urban area. Cars are starting to be more and more regarded from the perspective of congested traffic, lack of parking space, worries about efficiency, availability and price of the fuel. The urban needs and mindset related to commuting are solved by the Ford Start Concept.

Martin Smith, executive director at Ford Europe and Asia Pacific Design declared: “The team has delivered a concept car which reflects a decidedly playful take on Ford kinetic design and builds on our fun-to-drive DNA, yet addresses real issues that everyone will be facing in the future of car design”.

The challenges are major, but Ford used some very real technology for this car to successfully deliver fuel efficiency, diminish the use raw of materials and reduce carbon the footprint of the car.

The powerful new Ford EcoBoost 1.0-litre three-cylinder engine optimizes fuel efficiency and respects lower emission standards (the CO2 emissions are less than 100g/km). The engine is coupled with a five-speed manual transmission which permits gear spacing to provide performance without compromising fuel economy.
Ford Start Concept comes with MyFord Mobile Concept connected to a smart phone. Packed in a Sub-B design characterized by lightweight material and aerodynamics, this technology allows performing a multitude of in-car functions.

The smooth exterior shell made of lightweight composite body panels incorporates crisp highlights. The kinetic trapezoidal grill, Ford`s trademark, is moved upward, so there is only one prominent opening instead of two. This way the face is sporting and efficient in the same time.

For more efficiency, the exterior surface of this green car was planned with flush-mounted aerodynamic features designed to cheat the wind. To complete the aerodynamic detailing, Ford Start Concept has teardrop silhouette and ground plan in the minimized cross sectional area and in the full aerodynamic design of the underbody, as well as plane aluminium wheels and delicate fin on the roof.

The ingenious hybrid aluminium, high-strenght steel body construction is complemented with a lightweight aluminium safety cell that ensures rigidity. Pre-colored recyclable composites are used for all exterior body panels.

The composite roof panel can be removed and changed by the owner as a customized accessory. Driver`s visibility and safety are enhanced by recessed B-pillars and see-through C-pillars, but also by a wraparound rear window enabling a 180-degree view. Rear quarter panels are positioned only 629 millimetres from the rear wheel centre to rear bumper, while the rear wheel arches construction adds solidity to the car. The rear has a traditional boot and the backlight is fixed.

The aerodynamic wheels are pressed aluminium measuring 17-by-6.5 inches, fitted with exclusively designed Michelin Green X 205/45R17 tires. The unique tread design minimizes noise, vibration and harshness (NVH).
Ford Start Concept presents a full underbody belly pan which reduces drag from air flow passing under the car. The chassis is 2300 millimetres with an overall length less than 3700 millimetres. The width is 1672 millimetres and height at 1400 millimetres.

The interior consists of a simplistic, twin cockpit, tub design. This one piece construction provides four passenger seats and a unique appearance. The driver can choose from both left- and right-hand drive versions by using a pod-type cluster in the instrument panel. Ergonomic seats give maximum comfort, flexibility and easy access to the rear. The interior rails and pillars are made of aluminium and fitted with side curtain airbags.

One of the highlights of this car is the MyFord Mobile concept technology located at the top of the console. While driving, the driver can view and adjust car-related functions through voice activation or toggle and scroll controls placed on the console. This way, the driver can control heating, ventilation, air conditioning, engine diagnostics and passenger airbag status. In the moment the driver connects a smart phone to the docking station, access is available through the MyFord Mobile Concept to phone contacts and navigation tools using voice activation. Still, texting while driving is restricted.