High value insurances: options and advantages



We live in an era in which we constantly fear the safety of our valuables. Working hard to acquire them, many find it mandatory to find insurance company that offers extensive insurance options and advantages. This is where high value insurance companies intervene, making sure that their client’s most valuable objects are covered in case of theft, natural disaster or damage. While many companies are specialised in offering exclusively a type of insurance, many cover a large spectrum of assets. From expensive jewellery, to houses, cars and valuable art collections, some companies, like http://www.highvaluehomeinsuranceuk.com/ offer a wide spectrum of option for their clients. While many find it difficult to choose the perfect option, some companies come with packs specifically tailored to fit their client’s necessities.    

High value insurance policies for homes and vacation properties

Assessing the risk at which their properties are exposed might make many come to a conclusion that an insurance policy is not an option, is mandatory. High value home insurance options are applicable to main residences, let properties and vacation homes. These policies come with a couple of advantages regular ones do not offer. Experienced brokers will offer the more comprehensive option, while a great agency can help with pieces of advice on how the owner can take full advantage of them. Although in the past home insurance was considered sort of a luxury, nowadays, especially for properties rated at high market values or hosting valuable items, they are a constant. Regular insurance policies cover only a small part of a series of potential unfortunate events, which makes them not fit for such properties. These insurance policies come with the advantage of having the building and contents assessed without any charges by a professional, as well as guidance in terms of risk management.  

High value insurance policies for watches and jewellery

As a combination of household and content policies, there resulted this kind of option, which not many insurance companies offer. While not all companies are comfortable in offering policies for items exceeding the amount of £ 5,000 each, many find it more important to fully satisfy their client’s needs and necessities. And protecting their hard earned items is one of them. These policies come as an “agreed value”, which means that in case of total loss, damage and theft, the amount recovered from the insurer is pre-established. While a one-policy-fits-all is not a realistic expectation, in the case of expensive watched and jewellery, some companies take the necessary time to understand each client’s accessorising habits, and tailor one accordingly to them. Also, while the value of these items does not remain constant, insurers make sure to update their client’s policy once every three to five years. By working with a broker, they will be able to advise their clients how they should proceed in terms of increasing their policy’s value.

High value insurance policies for cars

While a car is a valuable property one might have, assuring higher levels of mobility and independence, it is important to make sure it remains safe and you have its value covered in case of theft, or damage. Of course, there are collection and rare cars that have considerably more value. For those, high value car insurance is a thing to consider. If your car’s value is exceeding £50,000, it is probably a great idea to consider such a policy. If you opt for such products, you will have more benefits than if you would choose a regular insurance product. For instance, these high value policies offer a pre-established value recovered in case of loss or theft, car repair services at your favourite establishment of this kind, while a loan car will be offered for the holder of the policy if needed. The loan car will have the same specifications and characteristics as your own vehicle. Also, such policies are available for any other type of vehicles, of course, if their value exceeds the previously mentioned one.     

High value insurance policies for art collections

Many companies take their client’s passion for fine arts very seriously, because they are aware about their high value. Offering insurance services with a large coverage spectrum, clients can assure in case of theft or damage their paintings, pictures, statues, various collections, including rare and expensive wines. While many of these companies’ clients find in fine arts an alternative of investment to real estate properties or bank accounts, it is highly important to make sure they are safely covered in case of damage (water damage is quite common in painting’s case) or theft.

Regardless of what valuables you look forward to cover with an insurance policy, make sure you collaborate with a company able to offer extensive and comprehensive services, that has trusty brokers as collaborators and that has the capability to offer customisable policies, depending on their client’s necessities.