Home Interior Painting Tips


Learning how to paint the walls in a room is fun and rewarding and can be shared with the entire family. Read below some home interior painting tips to start painting your home.

  • Preparation: Use a plastic roll and a blue painter’s tape to cover and protect the floor and other things of value that are close to the wall that you plan to paint it. Remove any object that can be on the wall. Use painter’s tape to cover the corners.
  • Apply primer on the wall: Use a painting brush for bordering the wall. Bordering the wall means that you should paint a wide border of 20 to 25cm around all corners of the wall. This will make it easy to use the paint roller to draw the paint with precision. Apply primer on the wall and wait to dry thoroughly and then sand it. Use sandpaper up and down until the entire wall is smooth and shiny.
  • Paint the walls: Now you can start painting the home interior. Border the corners of the wall and the window. Once you have finished with this, use the painting roll for the rest of the wall. Do not forget to run the roller along the metal panel in the paint bucket, this will keep your work clean and balanced. Depending on the thickness of the paint and your preferences regarding the color, paint the wall and wait to dry, sand it again and then paint it again. Always use at least two coats of paint, three at most, for best results. The second coat of paint will be applied after the first on is dry, in strips perpendicular to the window, in the light direction. After, this will flatten into strips parallel to the window, without further soak the painting roller.

Remember, when you choose the paint, keep in mind that for the ceiling the most recommended is the matte paint, possibly satin paint, and for the walls, a satin or glossy paint.