Hotel industry’s well-kept secrets: what makes a 5-star customer experience?


Do you want to open a business holding the promise of a decent lifestyle and financial satisfaction? Are you a sociable individual ready to come into contact with all types of people from all over the world? Are you willing to face new and sometimes unexpected events that most people do not get the chance to share at the end of a typical day at work? Can you handle conflicts and deal face-to-face with demanding and irritated people? Can you see yourself as an accommodating host? Can you accept the fact that you cannot please everyone? If the answer to all the questions mentioned above is “yes’, then you should consider opening a hotel. Keep in mind that sometimes you will be under seemingly unbearable pressures, at least this is what you will think at the beginning because you are not familiar with the hospitality industry. However, with a solid motivation, charming sense of humor and a growth mindset, you will manage to overcome any obstacles and drive your recently opened business towards success.

What it takes to open a hotel; being realistic

Many people believe that money represents the only factor that you need in order to open and run a hotel, but they are terribly mistaken. Indeed, having access to adequate capital is necessary, but keep in mind the facts: you have limited experience in what concerns the hospitality industry, you do not want to launch your business after working relentlessly for over a year to sell it for a fast buck the year after the big event, you cannot afford to contemplate the idea of a new construction because you lack the real estate development knowledge and experience meaning that you must acquire an already existing hotel. In this case, having realistic expectations will save you many disappointments. Since you are a beginner in the industry, developing a smart plan and staying away from risks could get you far. Do not let your ambition or confidence take over because you have a long journey ahead and you still do not know what makes a 5-star hotel. Well, this article has the purpose to reveal some of the best-kept secrets in the hospitality industry so that you can provide an excellent customer experience and help your business grow.

Responsibilities that every hotel manager must fulfill

Assuming that you already have a good location and strategy, significant financial resources, a well-thought business plan and a customer satisfaction mindset, you should know that owning or managing a hotel requires multitasking and flexibility because you have to oscillate between staff management and customer service, even planning and marketing. The maintenance and cleanliness of the facility also represent crucial tasks that you should add on the list. You will never be able to understand the way a hotel works if you do not get involved in basic practices like cleaning rooms, working the front desk and handling customer complaints, spending time in the kitchen with the chef or with the valet and maintenance manager. These simple things will not only help you gain in-depth insight into hotel management by putting employees’ complaints or concerns in perspective, but also earn their respect and admiration. Furthermore, you have to know when and how to reward your staff for knowing the menu, observing proper serving procedures, displaying a friendly and courteous attitude towards customers or spotting maintenance issues.

How to receive the 5-star rating and become world-renowned

Moving on to the main subject of interest, namely receiving a 5-star rating, you have to be aware that top hotels across the globe share common characteristics related to service and physical product. When entering a high-luxury hotel, the customer expects carefully selected furnishings and visually appealing décor, ample space and king or queen-sized beds, expensive bath products, room service menu and complimentary breakfast, minibar and free high-speed internet. Furthermore, these hotels must provide the finest dining experience, an assortment of restaurants, recreational amenities like 24-hour fitness centers, spa services, tennis courts and swimming pools, a high level of personalization that no customer could find somewhere else, a quick response to mundane requests, fixtures and controls operating with precision. Do you believe that you can achieve this level of professionalism? In fact, achieving it is not enough; you have to remain constant or improve with the passage of time. From providing superior quality and personalized service to exude unmistakable personality through your hotel and tickling the senses, you have to tick all the boxes in order to own a 5-star hotel, world-renowned.

Best practices for excellent customer service

Always remember one important thing: the customer represents your number one priority when managing a hotel. When it comes to reaching new guests, you have to develop an intelligent marketing strategy without losing sight of the best practices in hotel customer service, which refer to focusing on face time, keeping the staff happy, addressing guest input quickly, keeping the dialogue going, bringing in a wow factor, exceeding expectations and learning from the best. For instance, hygiene requirements and the busy working environment push hotel owners to handle waste management properly. You should follow their example and visit for efficient and safe solutions related to waste that you can return for recycling.

You do not want to become one of those businesses responsible for harming the surrounding environment because it will ruin your hardly earned reputation. Yes, taking into account the multitude of obligations and responsibilities that you practically carry on your shoulders every single day, waste management might seem a detail. However, you also have to consider that some of your customers give much importance to the wellbeing of the environment; they probably even adopted an eco-friendly lifestyle or made their home greener. Consequently, when checking into your hotel, they expect you to treat nature with the same amount of respect you treat them. Once you take care of this aspect, continue to be efficient but not pushy, ensure the right ambiance and personalize at every point, deliver what promised, reward guests’ loyalty and smile.