How to Choose the Right Sized Trampoline


Although they do the same thing, trampolines are not identical, so if you’re thinking of buying one for entertaining your kids or friends, you may want to give more attention to what you’re buying. The many available trampolines have been designed to allow you to jump up and down and recreate yourself, being very fun for both children and adults. Therefore, in the recent years, the trampolines have become very popular and more and more families want to buy one and install it in their backyard. Nevertheless, since there are so many options available, the first thing you have to consider when you want to buy one, is its size. In order to find out how exactly to select the right sized trampoline you have to ask yourself two questions “Who exactly will use it?” and “How much space do you have in your yard?”. For helping you learn more about the different sizes available, take a look at the trampolines comparison below and choose the one that it’s more appropriate for you.

Round Trampolines

  • 8 – 10 ft Trampolines
    These trampolines are perfect if don’t have a large backyard, being the smallest size you can find. The model is lower to the ground, so it’s not recommended for adults, but only for children. So, if you have a small kid, then it’s definitely what you need. However, if you have two children, it’s recommended that they play separately because when jumping they might hurt each other.
  • 12 ft Trampolines
    With a 12-foot trampoline, the kids will have more room to play, being ideal for two children who want to jump at the same time. Nevertheless, two young adults that use it at the same time may be a little too much and you may have unexpected surprises. Due to the fact that it’s a little bit larger, it’s suitable for an average backyard, so pay attention to this aspect.
  • 14 ft Trampolines
    A trampoline of this size provides a larger landing area, so it’s more appropriate for adults who want to have fun along with the children. It can accommodate more than 2 kids, so it’s perfect for children’s parties. Of course, for a model of this size, you will need a bigger backyard, so make sure it will fit without any problems. Also, it’s recommended that you place it on the ground and not on a hard surface to avoid any unpleasant incidents.
  • 16 ft Trampolines
    If space and budget allow you to buy a 16-foot trampoline, prepare yourself for hours of fun to do all sorts of trampoline tricks without worrying that you will hurt yourself. The model was specially designed to accommodate more kids at a time, allowing them to have fun as long as they want. However, you will have to pay more money for a trampoline of this size, but it’s all worth it if you consider the fact that it will entertain your guests all day long.

Rectangular Trampolines

    • 7 – 10 ft Trampolines
      In case you prefer a rectangular trampoline, the 7 – 10 feet ones are ideal for small yards, being also easy to transport from one place to another. So, if you have a small child and you want to entertain it in a safe manner, but you don’t have too much space to install a larger model, a 7-foot, or maximum 10-foot trampoline is perfect for you.
    • 8 – 12 ft Trampolines
      These models are great for children up to 14 years who want to exercise their trampoline skills. In comparison to a round trampoline of the same size, a 12-foot rectangular trampoline offers better bounce due to the fact that it’s shorter in length. The model can accommodate 2 kids at the same time, making the entire gymnastics practice more fun.
    • 9 -14 ft Trampolines
      A larger trampoline is even better because it allows your kids to perform more tricks without hurting themselves. It can hold 2 teenagers or an adult, being made of stronger materials that are meant to handle greater weight. With the help of such a trampoline, you can exercise and strengthen your body in a fun and safe manner, enjoying the many health benefits this physical activity has to offer you. However, you have to consider the fact that it requires more space, so make sure it won’t occupy the entire backyard.
  • 14 – 16 ft Trampolines
    If you have enough space for a 14 – 16 feet trampoline and you have kids who like to jump and perform all sorts of gymnastic tricks, then you can confidently opt for a larger model. Also, in comparison to the smaller models, this one is more appropriate for adults who can use it safely without risking to get injured.