How to Exploit Press Release Marketing to its Full Potential


Press releases are a form of written communication used by mass-media organizations to transmit messages to the large public whenever there is information worth transmitting over to the masses. The focus behind sending press releases is to make a good impression in the media, which can help you get positive feedback and promote the services or products described in your issued announcements. When they were first introduced as a means of message transmission, news releases were intended to facilitate the exchange of information between public relations departments of companies and the media. However, over time they have become an useful Internet marketing strategy and nowadays there is a wide variety of dedicated distribution services that help disperse news releases on all Internet venues. Solid companies can even provide press release syndication on prominent news resources like Yahoo News and Google News.

For its proven effectiveness in boosting targeted web traffic for websites, the experts often recommend press release marketing as a frontline solution for merchandising. However, apart from its proven practicability in the field of marketing, press releases are also great at getting more quality links, which are crucial in optimizing websites. If your intentions are to use press release marketing as a SEO tool for tweaking your site, then have a look over the following tips aimed at helping you get the most out of this practice.

  • For the press releases that you write to be effective and achieve your desired impact, pay attention to how you plan and review these materials prior to publishing them. Make sure that the information you send out to the public via your press releases converges to a common topic, keep the information relevant to the services or products you are advertising, and try to come up with short and incisive messages.
  • Make sure your press releases respect the correct format. To familiarize yourself with the appropriate construction of press releases, look for materials online and use the best examples as reference. For successful press release marketing, always try to come up with enticing headlines and include catchy lines and hooks in the summary section of your announcements, to raise readers’ interest for the information provided within. Set a baseline at about 350-400 words for the content you transmit and remember to include your contact details in it.
  • To add to the value of the optimization work, try to include anchor text links in the body of the press releases you write, whenever the distribution service you are using allows you to do so. With some press release marketing services this feature is provided as a paid option, while other services may limit you to using the website address or mark all outgoing links with the “nofollow” tag.
  • Stay with the services that you can afford and look for those that include the features you need in achieving your goals. The offer of free and paid press release distribution services is extensive these days, with some of them even providing social network marketing solutions, so take your time and choose your service knowledgeably. For example, even if you choose for a paid and professional service, you can still use social media as well, because it is free and because more and more people use it every day. The fact is that users generally trust the information they get on social media networks, so they use this environment to get their news; you can make use of this characteristic to expose your own press releases and promote your products or services.
  • Depending on the situation, you may have the freedom to publicize your press releases in more than one way. Some of the better ways of doing it include posting to the company website, writing on blogs and submitting to prominent social media sites.