How to Make a Career Change Decision


If going to work became a stressful and boring duty, you should consider a career change. Still, this drastic decision should involve a lot of careful consideration and reflection. First, think about why you want to make a career change and which are the effects on you and your family. Below you can find some useful information about how to make a career chance decision so that it will bring the best for you.

  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses

Consider the things you are good at and the ones that put you in difficulty. The best thing to analyze yourself is to make two columns on a sheet of paper and put down your strengths and weaknesses. Underline the ones that you have to do daily at your job. If there are more highlighted items under the weakness column, it is clear that your job doesn’t make appeal to your strengths.

  • Find reasons for a career change

It is very important to determine if you need a new job or a new career, as these two directions are very different from one another. It is easier to change jobs than to start a new career. Generally, people want to make a career change when their life changes. There are also other reasons for seeking a career change, such as starting a family or changes in the economy, technology and industry. When the job outlook in your fiend is getting worse, you should switch to a more promising outlook. For example, if you have some business ideas, perhaps this is the time to try and put them to practice; many times we get fed up of our jobs not just because we despise the work, but because we have to work for others, knowing the advantages will never be ours. This is why lots of people work hard to get their own business ideas and open up shop for themselves, even if the risks are much higher.

  • Ask yourself some basic questions about your current situation

Try to honestly answer some basic questions about your career. Do you want a better job? Do you dream about doing something else? Do you find your job as being boring or repetitive? Do you have a bad attitude while doing your job? Have you lost your career goals? If your answer is “yes”, probably you can`t advance any more in your current position. On the other hand, a career change will bring you new goals and challenges.

  • Examine external factors

Compare your current career and a career change by taking into account job stability and security. Think about the cost and time involved in going back to school, as a different field requires different training. It is important to consider the differences in salary and how it influences your family budget. Working for the government is almost always good, because you get to celebrate all the official holidays at home, because the jobs are always long-term and secure, and because there are numerous other benefits. Moreover, you could get to support your own political views, such as finding some Democratic Party jobs and choosing one that allows you to actually make a difference in the world. During electoral campaigns, candidates are always looking for volunteers and inexperienced youth that can help them with the leg work, with raising signatures, with spreading flyers and so on. So before you give up, consider some Democratic Party jobs and see whether you couldn’t even make a career out of them.

  • Take a career test

Evaluate your skills, personality and interests. This way you will find out what career suits you best. You can take an online career test. After you have completed the test, you will see a list of suggested careers according to your responses.