Innovation in the world of truck driving – apps you can use now


Who would’ve thought that tech is going to reach such levels so soon? The latest advancements in technology allow truck drivers to ease their work by using different sorts of apps and devices. Even though you didn’t know about this, you will surely start to notice the utility of technology in each person’s everyday life, not truck drivers only. The number of apps that are being developed and launched daily is tremendous. You can probably find an app for any task you may have to complete, and it will instantly make it easier or at least faster to complete. In terms of truck driving apps, there are some that are worth mentioning. Continue reading this article if you want a short description of the best trucker apps you can find out there:

Trucker Tools

Starting with one of the most used trucker apps out there, Trucker Tools is a complete application that you can use on both Android and iOS platforms. It was created by Overdrive and it is supposed to help truck drivers to plan difficult routes, to find the most acceptable prices in terms of fuel and to let the drivers know if the weather is going to be unfavorable. In case you are running important errands that depend on the weight of your truck, Trucker Tools can spot weigh stations, stops and other service centers that might be useful. You can get real-time status updates related to your route, which is extremely convenient for longer ones.


You won’t find an app like Drivewyze soon. This app allows truck drivers to access information that is gathered from an official database. By using Driveways, truck drivers can bypass intersection sites and weigh stations. The app has information related to more than 35 states, which makes it very efficient for long routes. Whenever a truck approaches a weigh station, Drivewzye processes the information and sends it further to other users. For using this app, you will have to pay a certain amount of money for the subscription, but it is surely worth it considering the benefits it can have. Drivewyze is recommended for truck drivers who accept a lot of interstate routes, but it is also suitable for in-state ones.

TruckPath Pro

This app lets truck drivers communicate with each other in real time. This way, they can stay up to date with information regarding accidents, rest areas, stops and other unexpected events that happen on a specific route. TruckPath Pro has a crowdsourcing technique behind it, which makes it reliable and efficient regardless of the time it is being used and so on. There is a separate category for truck drivers who are also carriers or brokers. TruckPath is great for planning and tracking routes in a comfortable manner without any risks. Plus, it consumes just a few resources in comparison with other similar apps like Waze. Any truck driver should give it at least a try.