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Neil Haboush is a well-known figure in the business environment for he excels in providing clients in the financial and customer service sectors with the data management solutions they require, from real-time reporting and processing tools to system data flows. Neil Haboush brought in the business world an innovative and highly effective business model which is now employed by Level One Data Services company dealing with producing software solutions for customer service and data management. Although he is a successful businessman in this industry, a few people know that he didn’t start his career in customer service field. His career has a very interesting path and it represents a genuine success stories which can serve as a model for many aspiring entrepreneurs.


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Neil Haboush welcomes followers with a very appealing blog which keeps things short and simple but allows them to extract valuable knowledge. The online portal lacks images which enables readers to focus on the content and benefit from the information provided. Reading pieces of content, readers can also get a sense of what works and what doesn’t in customer care field. Neil Haboush manages to impress through a blog which is extremely simple in its designs but makes a difference through its content. To conclude, you should stay tuned for the newest pieces of content listed on the official blog of Neil Haboush and try to make the most of this experience sharing.