Iron Man 3


Ever since the series started, Iron Man has been a delight for superhero movie fans. It combines very realistic special effects with good actors and charming humor. After a spectacular performance in the Avengers, Tony Stark returns for another great adventure. Iron Man 3 is packed with a lot of action and will definitely not disappoint the fans who are waiting for it.

Robert Downey Jr. is one of the most talented Hollywood actors. His lifelong career gave him the opportunity to bring to life various characters. However we believe his fans will agree with us in saying that there is one particular type of character that fits him best. Robert Downey Jr. is spectacular when portraying a genius and Iron Man 3 makes no expression. Using his talent, the actor manages to combine the perfect amount of brilliance with an irresistible charisma in order to build the character of multimillionaire Tony Stark. In the first movie of the series we saw Tony rising from his ashes and using his brilliant mind in critical conditions in order to survive. The latest movie is somehow trying to remind us that Stark ‘s most valuable asset is undoubtedly his mind. In an effort to improve his abilities Tony isolates himself within his lab in order to create a more powerful suit. However when the evil Mandarin destroys his scientific universe he is left with nothing more than a rusty armor. Although things may seem hopeless at this point, the hero has his mind set on proving that it is indeed the man who makes the suit and not the other way around.

The villain’s evil plan is rather boring and lacks motivation. However,in superhero movies, villains are more likely to be appreciated for their evil laughs than their master plans. Nevertheless, the story is not centered around the villain’s plan but around the heroes quest. Striped from his comfort zone, Tony Stark must find a way to save his beloved ones without relying on his armor. The rusty suit that he manages to take with him fails him on multiple occasions and eventually he decides to let go of it. Eventually he manages to defeat the villain and the end of the movie presents us with a shinny new armor that we can’t wait to see in the next movie. Iron Man 3 is one of the best superhero movies. It resembles the Avengers in the subtle jokes but it is also packed with irony, constantly mocking various movie clichés .