Keep up with fashion influencers by following these tips



Fashion is a great way to express your personality and creativity without even having to say a word. Although everybody knows that first impressions do not define a person, the majority of people can agree that the way you dress influences how someone perceives you when you first meet. Fashion gives you the possibility to shape how people view you, so why not take advantage of the possibility and give those around you a glimpse of your individuality through your outfit choices? If you are a follower of fashion influencers, you probably desire for you to become an inspiration in the fashion department as well, at least for those you get in contact with on a daily basis. Although keeping up with the trends constantly might seem difficult, considering they fluctuate so often, there are a few tips you can bear in mind in order for your appearance to always be flawless and stylish:

Sock up on fashion magazines

Although getting your inspiration from social media is normal these days, if you want to get your hands first on the latest fashion news, buying magazines still remains a must. Yes, checking out what your favourite Instagram fashion guru has worn that day can help you with your own creativity the fashion department, but if you want to learn what the big players of the industry are up to these days, reading the latest issue of Vogue or Elle, for example, is necessary. Stock up on magazines, and make sure to keep them even after reading them, because you can never know when you are having a fashion crisis a browsing through the pages of a magazine might inspire your outfit of the day.

Never overlook the quality of your clothes

Women who love clothes, but at the same time have a strict shopping budget are often tempted to choose cheaper items, just so they have the possibility to buy more things. This is one of the mistakes you need to avoid if you want to keep your looks fashion worthy. It’s better to invest a larger amount of money in a single pair of top quality jeans for example, then buy several pairs that anyone who knows fashion can notice their poor quality from a distance. Always make wise decisions when you are buying something, because it’s better for your wardrobe to consist of fewer elements, but qualitative ones, rather than be overfilled with cheap clothes. If money is something you need to think of when you are shopping, another solution would be to hunt sales or find clothing shops that value both affordability and quality. Many Instagram fashion gurus recommend Peak Boutique as a budget friendly clothing shop, as well as many other similar examples. So never forget to put quality first, and if you are a smart shopper, you will manage to also stay within budget.

Skip on colour and pattern matching!

Matching the colour of your bag with that of your shoes, or wearing plain black pants just because you have a blouse with a floral pattern on are old-fashioned styling choices. Trends have become far more versatile lately, and you have quite a lot of freedom when you are putting outfit combos together. Matching different patterns, and contrast colours together is not only no longer seen as a style mistake but is actually recommended by exports. Putting on a plaid pair of pants, for example, with an oversize t-shirt with a geometrical pattern, some biker leather boots and some black shades will make an outfit that has that wow-effect to it. Forget all the colour and pattern matching rules you might have been following for years, and start making bold choices when you are combining elements.

Never miss major events

Just because you can’t be physically present at fashion week or an important event, such as the Met Gala doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know what designers have created for these important occasions. View photos, watch videos, and never miss out on any major events, where fashion trends are at their peak. This is one of the best ways to get inspired and actually keep your looks fresh and up to date. Even music and arts festival looks can be great sources of inspiration, one example of festival being Coachella, where attendees never fail to put together the most surprising, unconventional and authentic outfits. Your resources are virtually endless, you just have to make the most of them.  

Visit local thrift stores from time to time

Because big clothing chains sell the same items in large quantities, the odds of you running into someone wearing the same dress as you, for example, are high ones. Grabbing a few items from the thrift store occasionally, can give a bit of authenticity to your looks. Although your outfits shouldn’t consist solely of used clothes, shoes and accessories, one vintage element can actually spark up your entire look. Even fashion experts recommended you to walk inside thrift stores when you have the possibility to, because you might stumble upon some one-of-a-kind pieces, which you can acquire at an incredibly low price. A vintage brooch, clutch, or pair of earrings for example, could give one of your outfits that vibe of uniqueness and appeal you desire.

It ultimately comes down to confidence!

Whatever you choose to wear, confidence can either break or make your outfit. Regardless if you have a plain t-shirt and a pair of jeans on, or a glamour designer dress, the way you choose to wear it quill influence the way people actually perceive your look. You don’t always have to wear the most avant-garde outfits for your looks to be attention-drawing, your confidence playing an essential role, and that is something that all major fashion influencers will recommend.

Despite the constant changing nature of the fashion industry, you can still manage always dress to impress by staying informed regarding the latest trends and following the example of fashion influencers. So give these few relevant tips more of your thought.