Laser hair removal – key info every one of you should know


While many women might not mind shaving twice a day, you might not want to spend precious moments every day in the bathroom, with the thought that you would not be ready in time before going to work. If you want to have smooth legs for a long period, then permanent hair removal might be a game changer for you, because you would not think for a second during summer that dark hairs on the legs alter your look. For women with darker skin tones there were not many options until recently, because the majority of treatments would affect their skin, but now that the laser therapy is available, even they could benefit from smooth legs all the yearlong. So, if you are thinking of changing your daily routine by having a laser hair removal treatment, you should pay attention to some details, because you have to be sure that you would get the best of your sessions.

How does laser hair removal treatment works?

Before booking a laser hair removal Toronto you should do some research, to find out what this therapy implies. During the sessions, a laser would emit a very specific beam of light that would be absorbed by the pigment in your hair. It would travel down it, until it reaches its root and there the heat would kill the cells from the root. The ideal candidate for this type of therapy is the patient who has hair darker than their skin colour, so if your hair is the same colour as your skin you should talk with the therapist to make sure they are using the right equipment, because some lasers might get confused. If you have dark skin then you should make sure that you are going to a beauty center which uses a long-wave laser, because it would not burn your skin in trying to kill the root of your hair.

Do laser treatment work on all skin tones?

For a long period, laser hair removal was seem as a luxury treatment for the ones who had dark hair and pale skin, because the bigger contrast was between the skin and the hair, the higher was the rate of success of the treatment. Fortunately, in present days, technology comes with new models of lasers that virtually work on every type of hair and skin tone.

  • For light to medium skin tones – in case you have this type of skin tones you are able to benefit from laser hair removal treatment if there is a contrast between the colour of your skin and hair. Professional beauty centers would use various lasers for different body parts.
  • For darker skin tones – in this case you would have to talk with the therapist and see what type of laser is suitable for your skin tone, because specialists recommend people in this condition to use devices which have a longer wavelength and which are not aggressive with the skin. Make sure to ask about the effectiveness of the laser, because some of them work as long as your hair is darker than your skin tone.
  • Exceptions – experts state that in case you have white or grey hair, or if you are blonde, the treatment would have little effect. Also the persons who have red hair are not impossible to treat, but the results might vary according to the person.

Why do you need a series of treatments?

As you already know this treatment implies multiple sessions, because at a given period a certain percentage of your hair is in the resting phase, but when it starts growing, you have to go to the beauty center to have its roots killed. When you have the laser treatment, it would not be effective on those resting hairs, so you would have to wait until the hair appears and have it removed then. In the majority of cases, there are needed five treatments in each area of your body to achieve that smooth skin that you want so much. But you should know that some parts of your body would respond more rapidly to the treatment, for example the bikini line would respond more quickly than your face.

How long the treatment would take? And does it hurt?

Depending on the size of the area that you want to have your hair removed, the treatment might take from a few minutes to a couple of hours. During the treatment, you might feel a mild discomfort, but this would not make difficult for you to continue the treatment. The majority of patients have no issues in having the treatment. Some of the beauty centers use a topical numbing cream that would lower the discomfort you feel during the laser sessions. They would apply the cream before every treatment, and in case you are thinking in doing it by yourself, because the center where you are going does not offer this service, then you should not apply it on a spot larger than your hand. Also, some centers might use a cooling machine to make you feel more comfortable during the treatment.

How many treatments will you need?

The majority of patients state that after three to seven treatments, they were satisfied with the results and the hair on their skin is much less, than it was at the beginning. In addition to this, they have noticed that the hairs are lighter in colour and very fine. You need to have 1-4 session a year to maintain the improvement. For detailed information, you should talk with your therapist, because they are qualified persons who would assess your skin type and tell you exactly what you should expect from the laser treatment.