Luxurious vacation destinations you’d like to know about


If you are preparing to choose where you’d like to spend your holiday next year you should know how difficult it is to select a location that fits all expectations. Having some days off from work means that you’ll have to make good use of it and enjoy yourself as much as possible. It is not necessary to become broke from paying services that you can get at an acceptable price. This is why it’s essential to check the market. When moving away from the tiring routine of day by day life and decide to offer yourself a treat, budget should be the last thing to worry about. Saving some money for having the time of your life will be worth it. When choosing a location, make sure cheap food and drinks, free entrances to attraction monuments and museums or guided tours are on the list. Here’s a list with the most luxurious, accessible and offering locations you can find for planning your future holiday:

Courchevel – top location for a luxurious vacation

If you are a ski fan, then Courchevel is one of the destinations you certainly want to visit. Why is that: because you’ll be experiencing the adrenaline cause by six hundred kilometres of ski lanes and perfect snow. Think about the comfort of a Chalet Courchevel, enjoying the warmth while savouring a hot chocolate with the most amazing view reflecting in your window. Or even better, think of renting a catered luxury chalet in Courchevel 1850 with Tempston Luxury, where a swimming pool, sauna, hottub and a full team of staff are all but standard.   Being a winter lover makes you the perfect candidate for such an amazing adventure. You’ll be able to experience here the rustic atmosphere of villages such as Le Praz which is found at an altitude of 1300 meters, with ancient gondolas and modern chairlifts to take you up to the slope or a quiet location for individual chalets and buildings with great facilities. Courchevel can be quite pricey but it’s the absolute best location for a luxurious get-away from the daily city activities.


Visiting Sofia in the winter season seems like entering a magical world. The architecture of this city is mesmerising and building covered in a thin layer of pure white snow will instantly make you stare at its beauty. Lake Ariana awaits you in the cold season to put your ice skates on and enjoy its mirror surface. Each winter you will be able to see how the Borisova Garden freezes entirely. Being a fan of ice skating means this will be your paradise and this is the case with skiing too. There is a mountain in Sofia, called Vitosha that represents the best conditions for ski lovers. Also, in Sofia you will be able to find the best SPA centres for you and your family for a complete relaxation experience. Although it may sound like you can’t find all these things in such a small city, you will be amazed what a great location for a holiday Sofia is.


If you heard about Gaudi and you would like to see his work with your own eyes, Barcelona is the place for you. People tend to go often here and visit the city for its architecture. Besides being a luxurious city itself, planning your holiday in Barcelona will grant you with a large variety of opportunities. Here, you will be able to witness the greatness of building such as Sagrada Familia, Casta Batllo or Guell Palace. No matter how long you are staying in Barcelona, food should be main criteria for deciding whether you like it there or not. Surely, you will fall in love with their cuisine, right after you will be totally absorbed by the architecture you will encounter there. Are you a fan of coffee? Being in Spain means you’ll taste the best coffee of your life. Enjoying your meals and drinks in a city where Picasso, Gaudi or Dario used to live will give you the exact feeling you were looking for: grandeur.


Montenegro is quite an unusual choice for holidays, but this is completely unexpected given the fact that Podgorica hides some beauties that are incomparable to the rest of the world. The Mediterranean atmosphere that this city is soaked in will send you in a universe of gorgeous mountains and magic lakes. Stara Varos is the main attraction of Podgorica, where you can find the well-known reminiscent of   ottoman fights. It is a city full of history and stories that will not let you get bored. Also, the gastronomic culture of this country is unique. You will find here specialities like burek (a cheesy meal you will fall in love with the second you taste it) or the crispy fried meat. Prices are low but the things you will be experiencing here are truly expensive memories.


Greece is one of the most known destinations for city breaks and short holidays. Thessaloniki is worth your time because of its one of a kind charm. Here you will be able to walk past romantic ruins of the past. Thessaloniki is the Greece capital of food and cocktails. Being next to the sea will provide you that luxurious atmosphere you are looking for. The traditional Greek taverns called ouzeri will send you back to history and remind you of Turkish influences. Ferries are numerous here so if you desire to see the city while being surrounded by the clear water of the sea this is the perfect option for you.


Visiting Europe means you’ll have to see what Porto has to offer. During summertime, Porto is the best choice you can make. If you are a tourist who likes to photograph beautiful places and understand the locals’ habits and usual activities, then observing the streets of Porto will meet all your expectations. You’ll see artists making art right there in front of you, you will see both young and old couples enjoying the sea view or you will stop by for drinking the strongest coffee you could ever imagine. For a romantic afternoon and a relaxing holiday, choose this location.