Men’s & Family Relationship Program


Counseling psychology specializes on the relationship between a person and the environment, educational and career development, intact personalities and brief interactions. Families and individuals are helped to face personal issues so that they can adjust to a new situation. A Men’s & Family Relationship Program focuses on exploratory strategies that establish the marriage and family foundation and strengthen relationships with children, partners, other members of the family and friends. The aim is to build healthy relationships through one-to-one counseling, group support and parenting courses.

Men that are going through the stages of a separation or have experienced a relationship breakdown are helped to understand their emotional response to the loss, identify patterns in the way they interact to other family members and develop a strategy for moving on. The adjustment to a new situation can be a painful long-lasting process that affects the entire family. A client-focused counseling can offer the support men need, so that other aspects of their life are not affected, like their career and relationship with children.

Fathers can have a hard time handling the emotional distress caused by a separation and still tend to the needs of their children. Some of them tend to need some time alone, a fact which can be very distressing for the children and can lead to toxic family relationships in the future. Programs that bring together kids and dads to spend quality time help them stay connected. Another benefit of a Men’s & Family Relationship Program is that it organizes support groups for single dads that get to share their experience and knowledge. Parents must adapt to the pressures of raising a child in a changing family. Programs that help build fathering skills are highly beneficial and also fun. Participants are encouraged to develop friendships and to get involved in the local community with practical and positive contributions.

Some of the issues that impact men after a stressful event are work disputes, worried about health and financial matters, a low self esteem, drug or alcohol abuse, concerns about children and uncertainty about responsibilities and roles. It is important that individuals seek counseling and choose to move on without turning their personal problems into family problems, thus developing toxic family relationships. The non-judgmental, understanding environment encourages the person to remove their armor and express their true feelings. This catharsis leads to a renunciation of negative feelings and higher awareness of the way that our organism processes stressful situations.

The Men’s & Family Relationship Program includes services for partners, children, stepchildren, brothers, grandparents and any other member of the family willing to get involved. Strong relationships are created during counseling, community education activities, support groups, education training for men and relationship education. It is the fist step towards understanding the marriage and family foundation and leadding a better life.