Modern ideas for the kitchen area


Each object by its position, size and features contributes to a feeling of comfort that a room gives to you. Good organization is essential to save both space and time. Any kitchen’s space, however small, can be organized practically using suitable furniture. It is better if you can afford one on order, but you can improve and existing one, it’s important to have good ideas and, of course, the possibility to apply it. You can find some suggestions and modern ideas here.

Warm colors like yellow, cream, orange are recommended for painting the kitchen, these are the ones that stimulate the appetite and create a pleasant environment really needed for a room where you spend a lot of time. You can choose as well neutral tones or cold colors, with the only condition to add a few elements that give the impression of heat and thus to obtain a harmonious whole. You can easily refresh the room by inserting between the tiles some in contrasting tones or with a novel aspect. If you already have faience by applying on it a piece of sticker in an intense color, preferably warm, you get a cheerful and attractive decor.

Remember that dark colors give the impression of less space, while the pastel colors increases it visually. Walls, at least the ones near the sink and stove must be plated with materials that can be easily cleaned, because no matter how carefully you will work you can splash it with water or oil. Usually for these areas you can use tiles, but if it’s easier you can put a glass or a panel.

A bar caught along the countertops, meaning in the space between the top and bottom cabinets, will help you have more things on hand. You can place on it many things from ladle and cloth to pot lids, plates, glasses, boxes of spices and so one. For the latter you need a stand that you can find in all major stores.

Sharp corners may cause some inconvenience especially when you hurry, so it is better to dress it in round profiles or to fix on the heads of the cabinets corners on which shelves you can place 2 or 3 culinary magazines, a fruit basket and so on. Also, fruits, vegetables and other necessary can be held in a mobile shelf, which location you can change depending on your needs.

Instead of putting the dishes and stands to drain in the sink support, which occupies space and is also visible is more practical to put a proper stand in the furniture. In the body above the sink you can fix a grill for plates in which it dries at will.

Finally, to give for real life to the kitchen, try to find a corner for 2-3 pots in which you can sow useful plants. To these ideas I hope you add those from your experience.