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Getting ready for your first doctor job interview

Posted by Kevin Patterson On June - 3 - 2016 Comments Off on Getting ready for your first doctor job interview

Everyone who now has a job in the medical field knows how stressful and demanding it was when they had to search for their first job after graduation. There is this rush in finding the right job for you that you simply feel like you are going crazy. There are some important aspects that need […]

Should doctors work with a recruitment agency?

Posted by Kevin Patterson On February - 10 - 2016 Comments Off on Should doctors work with a recruitment agency?

When you graduate from medical school, you always dream of finding a job in a healthcare facility where you can make a difference and where your efforts will be properly compensated. Regardless of your specialisation, health jobs UK can be just as competitive as in any other industry, which is why you not only need […]

Facts About Military Careers

Posted by Kevin Patterson On January - 19 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

With over 300 schools providing more than 10,000 classes, the U.S. military offers many challenging career opportunities to those who want to join the armed forces. Still, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions about military life, so people hesitate to apply. In case you want to enlist, you should fist learn some useful […]

How to Make a Career Change Decision

Posted by Kevin Patterson On November - 15 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

If going to work became a stressful and boring duty, you should consider a career change. Still, this drastic decision should involve a lot of careful consideration and reflection. First, think about why you want to make a career change and which are the effects on you and your family. Below you can find some […]

Career Advice for Teens

Posted by Kevin Patterson On February - 20 - 2012 ADD COMMENTS

Studies reveal that more teens have unrealistic career expectations in comparison with past years. Data shows that many teen have higher expectations about what they are likely to achieve, so they can easily waste their resources and time on something improbable to happen. Teens opt for professions such as being a doctor or a teacher, […]

Increase your self confidence

Posted by Kevin Patterson On November - 14 - 2011 ADD COMMENTS

The process of discovering yourself and understanding your plus points takes a long time but once you have reached the results and you are satisfied, thing become a lot easier. You increase your self confidence, start to trust yourself more than you did before and your expectations are higher. For the beginning, I suggest you […]

How to be the best employee

Posted by Kevin Patterson On November - 2 - 2011 ADD COMMENTS

Having a good and pleasant environmental work place is a must-reach point by all of us. But how far do we go to reach this goal? Even if we achieve it, so does somebody else. But now, with some good pieces of advice given by us, you will learn how to become the best employee. […]

Wrong behaviors at work

Posted by Kevin Patterson On October - 25 - 2011 ADD COMMENTS

Every human being gets accustomed to several habits that repeat in his life over and over again. We call these habits part of his behavior. The behavior counts habits from living at home and having breakfast in every morning to keeping a cigarette in your hand and smoking. There are so many activities with which […]

How to work efficiently

Posted by Kevin Patterson On October - 19 - 2011 ADD COMMENTS

Approximately 30% of Europeans are affected by stress. It is known that because of its appearance, the efficiency decreases. But that is not the only bad thing that comes at the same time with the stress. Health problems come too. So now, in order to avoid these inconveniences we will teach you how to work […]

The career that suits you best

Posted by Kevin Patterson On October - 16 - 2011 ADD COMMENTS

It often happens to doubt about our vocation and therefore to feel that we have made a wrong choice when we have been hired. But this is the advantage of life. We are free to do what we want and to make the changes we would like. At first you may be insecure about your […]

How to make an impressive CV

Posted by Kevin Patterson On October - 12 - 2011 ADD COMMENTS

Everyone wants a well-paid job and a good environmental place where to work. Well, in order to accomplish all the desires mentioned, you will have to take into account some major things. First of all, your CV will need a review about what means “your personal results”. No one wants to read your old achievements, […]

Emotional intelligence

Posted by Kevin Patterson On October - 5 - 2011 ADD COMMENTS

Psychology has developed a lot along the time and if at the beginning, it was not paid so much attention, in this century it became more and more important for the companies, their employees and success and for the ever day personal life too. But when it comes to work psychology, we have to keep […]

Job interview – a blessing or a course?

Posted by Kevin Patterson On September - 30 - 2011 ADD COMMENTS

Life has prepared for us a range of challenges and difficult situations, so that we cannot get bored and we can really feel like being alive. One of those challenges is the job interview – a blessing or a course for most of the people? Why would it be a blessing? Maybe because it gives […]

Stress management

Posted by Kevin Patterson On September - 12 - 2011 ADD COMMENTS

If in the past, many jobs were able to give the people the necessary amount of money, in the nowadays society it is harder and harder to cover all the expenses with a normal wage and the thought for the day of tomorrow hits us more and more. This is how stress starts to dominate […]

The best paid jobs in the USA

Posted by Kevin Patterson On September - 8 - 2011 ADD COMMENTS

In these very though times it is necessary to get informed and find a job that provides you the necessary amount of money and many benefits. We all are ready to do your best, even if it means to work extra hours and under more stressful conditions. In fact, many jobs are often dangerous and […]