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5 Fitness Exercises for women

Posted by Kevin Patterson On December - 13 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

Get in shape for summer with these 5 easy fitness exercises for women! Burn some calories with the lateral step-ups and tone your tummy with the help of a Swiss ball. Squats work more muscles than any other exercises and a triceps workout will make you look and feel better.

Complete Workouts for Women

Posted by Kevin Patterson On November - 4 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

“Mens sana in corpore sano” is a famous Latin quote translated as “A sound mind in a healthy body.” Regular exercise plays a crucial role in our general health. Complete workouts for women can be done not only at the gym, but in the comfort of your home. Try these great exercises and get in shape for summer.

5 Pilates Benefits

Posted by Kevin Patterson On September - 22 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

Pilates is a fitness system developed by Joseph Pilates, a German physical-culturist. A regular workout increases core strength by stimulating the deep abdominal muscles. Other Pilates benefits are wight loss and relieve of back pain by spinal decompression.

Weekly Fitness Plan for Women

Posted by Kevin Patterson On September - 3 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

This weekly fitness plan for women will help you lose weight and shape the body. Alternate cardiovascular exercises with strength training and a proper diet for a complete workout. The treadmill and stationary bike are essential for this plan.

Yoga for Pregnant Women

Posted by Kevin Patterson On July - 2 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

Yoga for pregnant women can help relieve stress, anxiety and induce a state of calmness and relaxation. Morning sickness and other pregnancy symptoms are alleviated. The asanas prepare the future mother for labor, birth and motherhood.

Pilates for Men

Posted by Kevin Patterson On June - 11 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

Many people don’t realize that Joseph Pilates designed Contrology or Pilates for men, women, athletes, beginners, seniors and anyone that want to lead a healthy lifestyle. Training for men is no different than the one for women, especially in the beginning.