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Ribbon decoration ideas for your wedding

Posted by Kevin Patterson On October - 20 - 2015 Comments Off on Ribbon decoration ideas for your wedding

A wedding is the most important event of someone’s life and everybody wants to make it as special as possible. With so many weddings happening every year, it can be difficult to bring some original ideas to the table. If you want your wedding to be one of a kind, then a few decorating tips […]

How To Join The National Honor Society

Posted by Kevin Patterson On April - 4 - 2014 ADD COMMENTS

When considering how to join the National Honor Society a student needs to focus on the 4 main requirements: scholarship, leadership, service and character. Even after having been accepted into the society a student must still maintain his GPA as well as his good behavior. If he fails to do so he will be eliminated from the society and might face greater consequences.

How To Form A Secret Society

Posted by Kevin Patterson On March - 14 - 2014 ADD COMMENTS

In order for a secret society to have members you need to release some information about its name and purpose. Furthermore when considering how to form a secret society you must establish some ground rules, members profile, rituals as well as upcoming endeavors or events. You could also come up with a motto or seal and engrave them on ceremonial items.

3 Political Issues in the US

Posted by Kevin Patterson On December - 22 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

Some of the most pressing political issues in the U.S. are caused by the increase of gas that affects almost all other items people buy, the lack of jobs and deficits that will continue to shrink over the next years and the immigration problem.

How Does Facebook Affect Society

Posted by Kevin Patterson On December - 17 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

Facebook is the revelation of the 21st century, and most used social network in the world. But how does Facebook affect society? This utopic structure speeds up the process of globalization, connects people with all the persons they have ever met and makes the world more truthful.

The Royal Society of London

Posted by Kevin Patterson On July - 2 - 2013 ADD COMMENTS

The Royal Society of London is the oldest society for science still functioning, with 1.314 active members with the title FRS, Fellow of the Royal Society. The Society funds almost 700 research fellowships and supports new scientific companies.