Sewing machines – what to look for, what to avoid



Investing in a sewing machine is one of the best decisions one can make. Although many people think that these devices are only suitable in a tailor’s store, the truth is there should be a sewing machine in every house. Before walking into the first specialized store and spending money on the first device that you lay eyes on, it is best that you first spend some time browsing the Internet and visit some reliable reviews websites. Also, it is advisable you consider these expert tips mentioned below.

How do you intend to use it?

A sewing machine is a long-term investment, which is why the first thing you need to do is to establish the context in which you intend to use the device. Do you want to start a craft business? Or maybe you want to offer the sewing machine as a gift to your mother on her birthday? Depending on your intentions, you have various options available on the market to choose from. Keep in mind that there are devices specifically designed for sewing only and others that are designed for quilting or embroidery, so make sure you opt for the one that suits your needs best.

Features to look for in your next sewing machine

The range of sewing machines is quite wide, which makes it challenging for people to select the right device to fit their needs and budgets. Whether it is one designed for beginners or one that is more suitable for advanced users, there are certain factors to value on a sewing machine:

  • High speed – a professional sewing device should be able to sew at high speed so that the user can obtain the desired results in less time. Some devices available on the market come with an automatic needle threader, which helps people save a lot of time.
  • Stitch quietness and quality – one particular feature that makes the difference between a professional sewing machine and a mediocre one is related to the stitch. High-end models will definitely impress you by the quietness and quality of the stitch. Compared to those old and out-of-fashion models that sounded like a pick-hammer, these new ones are more silent. Look for a sewing machine that allows you to adjust the width and length of the stitch, so that you can use it with a variety of fabric types.
  • Multiple needle positions – another factor that differentiates advanced sewing machines from beginner ones is related to needle positions. It is best that you opt for a device that comes with several different needle positions available. Depending on the clothing items you want to sew or how you intend to use the sewing machine, you will need to change the needle position in order to make the process effortlessly to you.
  • Ease of use – although you opt for an advanced sewing machine, it should still be easy enough to use. Don’t look for a “spaceship”, because it will be nearly impossible for you to learn how to use it. Opt for a device that comes with a manual that “makes sense”. You can easily learn which one is easier to utilize if you read some detailed reviews.
  • The manufacturer – there are many companies manufacturing top quality sewing machines, so this one should definitely be a criterion worth considering. Each company comes with their own unique products, trying to satisfy their customers’ needs. This is the reason why reading reviews is so important before making a purchase – they can help you understand which company has the best reputation on the market and which one is best to be avoided.

Avoid making these buying mistakes

Don’t buy a sewing machine just because you like the way it looks like or without being well informed. These devices are long-term investments, even though they don’t cost as much as a car or a house. You still have to pay attention to details and select the one that perfectly matches your needs and budget. In case your finances are quite limited and you want to buy a used sewing machine, don’t rush into closing the deal without having the device checked first. Test the machine to see if the motor or plug becomes hot to the touch the moment after using the device for a couple of minutes. In case they do, avoid spending money on that sewing machine. If you decide to buy one from an online store, ensure the provider is a reliable and professional one and has good reputation in the industry.

If you need a sewing machine, yet you don’t know which one would suit you best, read some reviews on specialized websites, so that you can make a clearer idea on the types of products available on the market today.