Siri on iPhone 4


Hey, everybody, there is a new release on the market, called Siri for iPhone 4! If you happen to be an iPhone 4 or an iPhone 3GS owner and you appreciate Siri, you have now numerous reasons of happiness! The people working in the jailbreak area have now made a new product release after having experimented it with iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 4G and the main character that should be appreciated is Steve-Troughton-Smith.

For the following moments we are waiting for new amazing people that could be able to find a way to connect the iPhone 4 with 3GS and switch data between the two of them. We are looking for anything that is compatible to iOS 5.

The reason why Apple created Siri as an available feature for iPhone 4S only is because of their strategic approach. In case you might think of placing the Siri files on the internet, you have to be aware of the illegal facts you are doing. As you have probably found out already, the stuff from iPhone Dev Team and Recurring Dev team have looked for an option that could provide them the perfect opportunity to suggest downloading.

In order to get the files out of the IPSW researchers will have to look for other solutions that could avoid downloading the files right from the Apple servers. The fact is that you can use Siri only if you are an iPhone 4S owner and you need a method to get the files out of it. The jailbreakers are already taking care of this issue and they have come up with a new option.

You have the opportunity to install Siri not only on your iPhone 4, but also on your iPod Touch 4G with HiSiri. It allows you to make the connection between Siri and iPhone 4 with a minimum effort.

Unfortunately, HiSiri cannot help you with all the software for Apple’s servers, only with certain servers in the special jailbreak area. Concerning the fact that HiSiri is not one of Apple’s products, there is normal to appear some disfunctionalities. Until Apple will not come up with an official update to Siri, you will have to visit their official site as frequently as you did until now. Keep on being informed about everything that happens in this area and be the one that finds out what is new!