Smart ways to cut your heating bills



Canadians spend a lot of money on heating bills, more than Americans do actually. This household spending doesn’t come as a surprise considering that energy costs have been rising in recent years. If you are like most people, then you’re probably struggling to pay your heating bills. You can ask your supplier to come up with a solution. You can equally try to reduce your electric bills. Although it’s hard to believe, you can lower your electricity bills and you don’t even have to make big sacrifices. Give the following tips a try if you want your place to be warm and cozy when it’s cold outside.

Install better insulation in your home

Energy prices are escalating fast and you know that very well. Heating bills are a big challenge for you because you live from paycheck to paycheck. If you can’t afford to spend a whole bunch on electric bills, install better insulation. Insulating your home is a simple yet effective way to lower your heating bills, saving you a great deal of money. When a house is well insulated, less energy is used for heating it. Insulating can lower the cost of heating by over 40%. You enjoy cost benefits and you’ll stay warmer in the winter.  You won’t have to use many heating appliances to prevent the house from turning into an icebox. Warmth isn’t lost, so it will stay inside the house where it belongs.

The vast majority of Canadian homes built today aren’t insulated to the recommended levels. If you weren’t lucky enough to have a home built with special care, you need to put insulation. The question now is what insulation material you should use. The answer is simple: spray foam insulation. This thermal insulating material offers homeowners many benefits. In addition to helping reduce energy consumption, this insulator is a great air barrier and reduces humidity and mold growth.

When it comes to having the insulation installed, you should hire a professional contractor. Experts in spray foam insulation Toronto  know more than how to install insulation. They know how to make sure that you are getting the most value for your money. If you’re going to spend your hard-earned money on spray foam insulation, you should better let a professional insulation contractor install it.

Adjust the bottoms of door entrances

Can you see daylight under your doors? If you do, then you have a big problem. Do you know why? Because you’re losing the indoor air that you’ve been trying so hard to heat. If you’ve noticed light under your doors or a draft, then you need to adjust the bottoms of the door entrances. Fortunately, solving the problem is relatively simple.

The bottom of the door entrances are fitted with screws that allow you to adjust the height and, thus, eliminate the gaps. Grab your screwdriver and turn the screws counter-clockwise to raise the threshold. Threshold distortion is also caused by water penetration and dampness. If this is the case, you’ll have to wait for the door entrances to dry and use a sealant or varnish so that the moisture or water no longer affects them. If necessary, make further adjustments to make sure that the thresholds fit properly.

Promote good airflow

Most houses don’t concentrate their attention on airflow and this is bad. One of the reasons why airflow is so important is that it controls how much heat is lingering throughout the home. Instead of preparing for the cold climate by buying gloves and scarves, make efforts to promote good airflow. Trapping temperature in your home is what you should be doing right now. Providing good airflow isn’t as complicated as you think. Start with the ductwork. Almost 30% of the air flows through them and put a lot of pressure on the HVAC system, which is why they need to be adequately sealed. The sealant that you’ll use will have a big impact on the gear that you’ll need. For example, if you use water-based mastic, you’ll need overalls or old pieces of clothing.  

If you don’t already have an attic vent, then install one. When there isn’t attic ventilation, the stagnant cold air becomes trapped, like if it was caught in a trap. This is a serious problem, especially in the winter when moisture forms. The ventilation of the attic space is realized in a controlled way. Because the heat rises, ventilating the crawlspace during the winter results in releasing warm air throughout the home and improving your heating efficiency. You can also use a fan, but make sure to spin it clockwise.

Turn down the thermostat

Making sure that the home heating controls are set right is essential. The tendency is to turn the thermostat up during the winter. They end up wasting great deal of energy during the way. Even though it’s cold outside, reduce your thermostat 3 degrees colder. You won’t believe what effect this has on your resources. For every degree that you lower the temperature for a considerable amount of time, you save 1% on your electric bills.

The more you set back your thermostat, the more money you save. But isn’t this going to affect your comfort? Not exactly. You don’t have to lower the temperature when you’re at home. You can turn the thermostat down when you’re heading to work. So, you won’t even have the chance to notice how cold it is. What you need to remember is that this trick doesn’t apply to radiant heating systems. The reason for this is that it takes a long time to raise the temperature.

Besides the fact that you’ll considerably reduce your heating bills, you’ll sleep better at night. Since the home isn’t too hot, it will be easier for your brain to reach the temperature it needs before falling asleep.

Heating bills are seriously affecting Canadian households. If your household’s energy expenditures are high, it’s necessary to take measures right away. You can’t cut down on heating bills without investing some money. Taking into account all the money that you’ll be saving in future time, it’s money well-spent.