The Best Way to Germinate Vegetable Seeds


Either you dream of a vegetable garden made exclusively by you or just want to find a cheaper way to start one, the solution is to germinate vegetable seeds. This method is easy and will give you a special satisfaction.

Following the steps below will guarantee the success for the indoors vegetable seeds germination.

* Step 1 – Quality seeds

It`s important that the vegetable seeds you are about to germinate are viable (not hollow) and not so old. While some seeds stay viable for years, most of them resist only a season in storage.

* Step 2 – Good soil

Purchase seed starting mixture which is light, fertilized and contains peat moss and vermiculite. This soil provides the tiny sprouts an easy way out of it and in addition is disease-free. Fill the suitable seed-starting pots with soil.

* Step 3 – Water requirements

Add water to the potting mixture till the extra mixture drains into the drip tray bellow the pot (make sure the pot has holes at the bottom). Let the pots stay in the drip tray from one to two hours so that the soil can absorb the optimal quantity of moisture. After the pots finished soaking, throw away the surplus moisture.

* Step 4 – Sowing

The advisable depth of sowing a seed is twice the seed`s width. As a general rule, try not to plant the seeds close to each other and take into account the sowing advice on the packages. Vegetables seeds are not the same, so they might need personalized planting instructions.

* Step 5 – Seedling Care

For vegetable seeds to germinate, the ideal temperature of the room is 65 to 750 F, but it varies by type of seed. As warmth is important because cold soil restrains germination, use a heating mat (750 F) or place the pot near a heated area.

Most seeds don`t need light to geminate. If the warmth conditions are respected, you can place the pots in a shaded place like the basement, but as they emerge, they need increasing exposure to the light. A plastic bag over the pots makes the soil retain moisture and warmth. The germination process for vegetable seeds usually takes from seven to 14 days. After this period remove the plastic bag and place them in a lit area where they can grow in good conditions. Move them by a southern exposed window, so that they can enjoy the sun, but also buy an artificial grow light for nights and cloudy days.

Water the seeds ever couple of days during the morning and avoid soaking the soil. The best choice is to water them from the bottom, by putting water in the drip tray for the soil to absorb it through the bottom holes of the pot.

Now all you have to do is waiting for transplanting your brand new vegetable seedlings and enjoy the pride of having a personalized garden.