The Causes of Wrinkles in Fabric Apparel


We all have problems with wrinkled clothes and we stress ourselves when our clothes are not looking perfect on us. Clothes are made from different fibers some more pretentious than others, synthetic or natural ones and give us headaches when you try to have an excellent outfit. It’s necessary to know why a material wrinkles to take the properly measures to prevent it. If you make your own clothes instead of buying them, then you might want to invest in wrinkle-free materials. If not, buy sewing machines specially made for soft materials, because they will reduce wrinkling and damage.

  • The daily use of clothes leads to wrinkles, as well every time we sit down a wrinkle appears and for that is necessary to pay great attention in what you are dressed at that time. The improper placement of clothes, like not placing them on hangers or not putting them properly in a closet can also lead to wrinkled outfits.
  • But these are not all the causes, water is another factor that is contributing to the cloth modification, cotton clothes are very pretentious at a high water temperature, which can modify their shape and set permanent creases.
  • Clothes made from wool or cashmere are less pretentious because are more elastic. In case we cannot avoid their appearance we can resort to the use of an iron which this time will block the polymers and the steam will lead to a perfect stretch of the clothes.
  • Not always clothes are to blame for the appearance of wrinkles. Sometimes the factory produces standard size clothes so people are getting clothes that are not appropriate to their body, do not correspond in size and automatically cannot fit perfect causing wrinkles, whether it is about a shirt, pair of pants or a blouse.
  • The presence of these wrinkles can indicate also a poor manufacture of a garment that is why at their fabrication a special attention should be given, especially for the ones in silk. We have to take care what clothes we buy.