The Importance of Safety


The world is a violent place. Unfortunately, it is getting more violent all the time. All you need to do it turn on the news or go online to read the horrific crimes that are committed against innocent people every day. Law enforcement can only do so much to protect average citizens. At some point, it becomes the responsibility of every person to protect themselves. By doing this, they will not become yet another victim of violent crime. It is especially important for women to be able to defend themselves against much bigger and stronger men. Self defense classes are not the answer. A woman needs to carry a gun in order for her to be totally protected against violent attackers. Here are some reasons why women should own a gun.

1. A gun will put an attacker down

Many women have a false sense of security from carrying mace in their purse. It is true that mace can be effective when sprayed directly into a man’s eyes. However, the challenge becomes aiming the mace when the woman is scared and fearing for her life. Mace is only effective if it hits the assailant’s eyes. The woman is in big trouble if she is unable to do this. However, a gun does not have such limitations. It is effective when fired at all parts of an attacker’s body. All the woman has to do is fire the gun at her attacker. She will not need to worry about hitting a specific part of his body.

2. Many guns are small

In the old days, women did not like to carry guns because they were too large and difficult for them to handle. Those days are gone forever. There are now a wide variety of small guns that are the perfect size for women to conceal in their purse. They can also hold them easily so they have a good grip. The kick of these guns is minimal enough that most women will be able to fire them without any problem. You will find many guns that are ideal for women to carry at

3. You can’t put a price on your safety

There is no reason for you to end up another crime statistic or a blurb on the six o’clock news. Your life is too important to throw away because you were attacked and did not have a weapon to defend yourself.