The Most Useful Interior Design Tips


Redecorating a home can be quite a challenge for any person. Sometimes, you start with a dream but by the time you’re done with it, you realize that it has turned into a nightmare. This happens to a lot of people but it doesn’t mean that decorating is only for professionals. In order to help you turn your house into your dream home, we will provide you with a few useful interior design tips. Keep this tips in mind the next time you browse a home and garden catalog.

First of all, you need to train your eye to let go of an existing decor in order to see the potential of a room. In the same time, you need to remember all the small details that bother you in order to be able to change them. Try to make a list of all the thing you want to do and then make a sketch. It may seem silly but making an accurate sketch can really help you visualize a decor. If you do this you will be able to avoid future decorating disasters such as a huge sofa that takes up all the space.

Colors are a very important part of the decorating process. When browsing a home and garden catalog, most people focus on basic colors that they can match with anything, but such choices will lead to boring interiors. If you’re afraid of bold color experiments then you can try to choose one main color and a lot of hues. This will give the illusion of color diversity while maintaining a subtle look. Furthermore one of the basic interior design tips is to never match the color of the walls with the fabrics (these include curtains, blankets, pillows, carpet and so on).

As far as the fabrics go, go for comfortable fabrics, at least in the bedroom. For example, replace your old pillows with the best bamboo pillows. The great thing about bamboo is that it has a unique property: it maintains an even temperature. So, you will no longer have to wake up to turn your pillow upside down to enjoy its cool size, as you pillow will always maintain a pleasantly cool temperature. As far as the bedroom is concerned, you should also invest in some shades in order to really enjoy that sweet early morning sleep. Some simple tips such as eye pleasing wall colors, the best bamboo pillows, and some quality shades can significantly improve your bedroom’s comfort level.

Aside from colors, paintings also add personality to a room. Whether we are talking about vintage fruit paintings for a country kitchen, black and white powerful portraits that complete a modern apartment or abstract pictures make sure to include wall art in your interior design. Another important tip to remember is to always use a focal point. The centerpiece of every room sets the tone for the whole concept and ties all the elements together.

The most useful interior design tips are the ones that involve small spaces. In order to decorate such rooms, the best thing to do is use small scale furniture. Make use of your walls in order to gain some space. Turn a large shelf into a counter top and use suspended end tables. A decorating mistake a lot of people make is to install a carpet wall to wall in a narrow space. If on the other hand, you leave a border of a few inches on each side you will create the illusion of a wider space. Another common mistake regarding narrow spaces is to stick the furniture to the walls. However, if you are forced to do so, remember to at least put a sofa or a lounge chair lying around to create a flow in the room.

Lighting is also essential for a successful decorating process. Keep in mind that you need different light for certain activities. The best thing to do is install dimmers but if that is not possible at least alternate the light in different areas of the house. For example 60 watts are ideal for creating a dinning atmosphere. Use 70-100 watts in your home office or in the living room. In the bathroom it is recommended to have a 75 watts ceiling light combined with a 60 watts side light. Try to use lampshades wherever you can in order to create a diffuse light. You can also use pink light for a more flattering decor.