The shadow writers – the last pillars of education


It is no surprise or news that today’s educational system is failing both teachers and students. Whether we are talking postgraduate, undergraduate or high school level, professors and teachers have students who are incapable of jointing down a proper response to a task, let alone the task itself, while students are failed by teachers and professors focused more on grading than on educating. Whenever and wherever this dysfunctional system took root, the academic mercenarism is a cruel reality and the only answer students could find, the only solvable solution appears to be shadow writers.  If the term is ambiguous to you, shadow writers are individuals who write essays, thesis, business proposals and anything else that the educational system requires from students, without actually being students. Their names are not on the papers, but they provide students with the last standing pillars of education, responding to an incredibly high market demand, as today’s students simply cannot face the overwhelming requests of education. With teachers and professors pushing individual research and essay writing as the salvation of academic success, students find themselves in the position of having to turn in 3 or 4 papers on the same day, which drastically reduces the time and focus allotted to each task.

As mentioned above, shadow writers come to respond to a high market demand and help students with the impressive load of writing assignments they face at every level of academic enlightenment. The business for these hired writers is booming and the market has gone beyond individual hire, there now being numerous companies operating in the field, many of them even online, such as With zero face to face contact with the students and thousands of pages pushed out every single day, these companies are the sole mainstay of thousands of students today. While many hurry to place blame and accuse the shadow writers of encouraging cheating or capitalizing on a faulty educational system, the truth is they are merely the last resort of students who are systemically failed by their teachers, their professors and the system itself, a system that overrates grading and underrates education, overrates written papers and underrates communication and, ultimately, overrates money and underrates performance.

The bottom line is that shadow writers are providing students with a service that has become not only useful, but downright necessary and it’s neither the fault of the students nor of the professors as they don’t have the power to choose their students or question how and why they’ve reached that particular level of education in the first place. The problem, the real issue lies in the entire set of values of today’s academic system, which no longer has as main focus teaching students, but rather evaluating and pressuring them. Under the circumstances, most students see no other way out than to resort to outside help, help that gets them good grades, help that makes them graduate and even propels them to higher educational levels.