Understanding molecular medicine


Molecular medicine is a field of science that is dedicated to describing the molecular structures and mechanisms. Its purpose is to find the main molecular and genetic errors of diseases in order to discover ways of fixing them. Unlike traditional medicine which is focused on observing patients and their organs, molecular medicine tries to analyst cellular and molecular circumstances in order to be able to better diagnose and treat them. The latest discoveries in this field of medicine have been on the front pages of world medical news magazines for a long time now, yet for the average citizen, this field of medicine is very hard to understand.

Due to the fact that technology is expanding in a quick rhythm, sometimes certain aspects of the clinical investigations as well as the test’s interpretations do not fall under any existing major. The implementation of cellular biology, biochemistry and neuroscience in medicine is a complex process. However, this implementation is necessary in order for the medical system to be able to develop. These fields of science are necessary in numerous medical departments such as oncology, metabolic diseases, degenerative diseases as well as other complex conditions. So far it is the biologists that major in cellular biology or biochemistry although a lot of doctors are also involved in various clinical studies and research and development projects. This is where molecular medicine can come in handy. It clearly differentiates this fields of the medical world.

In order to be able to find a molecular treatment to any disease it is essential to understand the molecular mechanism of the disease and the specific location that is correlated with it. The conventional treatment that is being used worldwide was generally discovered in a random manner in order to treat the symptoms but without truly understanding the cause. In the recent years molecular medicine has also been introduced as a scientific discipline in certain universities. This field basically combines traditional medical studies with biochemistry. Although at the moment only a few universities are teaching it, molecular specialist are hoping to develop this field into a fundamental discipline.

Molecular medicine is based on the very precise equilibrium of the molecular system. The slightest change in this system can lead to a disease therefore it is very important to understand and analyze this system in order to develop molecular diagnostic methods. The most important therapeutics in molecular medicine are targeting the DNA and the RNA. According to the latest world medical news, recently a lot of progress has been made regarding the DNA and the RNA therapeutics and the discoveries are very promising for treating cancer, viral infections and metabolic disorders. If the research and development studies regarding molecular science will be thoroughly supported, the future of the medical world could witness a lot of breakthroughs in the near future.