Visit Bora Bora


Bora Bora is the perfect destination for a dream honeymoon. This place is made for lovers, just close your eyes and imagine a heaven on earth. If you decide to get married here, the romantic atmosphere and the feelings of the magic moments will be unforgettable for the entire life. The dry season perfect for honeymoon is between April and October.

So close that travel destinations guide and start making reservations for the best and most exotic holiday you’ve ever had. However, we should say from the get-go that even if Bora Bora is a heavenly oasis of peace, getting some travel insurance quotes may still be necessary. When you travel abroad, a lot of things that aren’t under your control can go wrong, so it is much better to have coverage, especially for important things like your health or your luggage. And if you start making plans online, you can even make some comparisons between various travel insurance quotes and get a good deal that won’t take over your vacation budget.

Bora Bora is part of the French Polynesia and is located in the tropics, near Tahiti, where you can get by airplane in about 45 minutes. This island located in the middle of the Pacific, was called by many the most beautiful place on Earth. The island is a mixture of shades of blue; from blue to the dark blue of the ocean behind the barrier reefs, everything surrounding the deep emerald given by the vegetation of the volcano Otemanu.

Besides contemplating the beauties of nature, Bora Bora offers tourists a variety of activities sufficient to satisfy different tastes and to live a truly exotic vacation.

A trip with the jet sky can lead you to a perfect place for snorkeling, activity that should not be missing from the list, because you can see various tropical fish, in vivid colors. Also, scuba diving offers great views, being able to discover the fauna of Pacific Ocean. Shark feeding is another very popular activity among tourists in Bora Bora, they can literally swim surrounded by sharks that come to receive their fish food.

To enjoy the wonderful scenery more, than take a tour with the helicopter for 15 or 30 minutes, depending on your budget, or if you are brave practice the parasailing.

It is impossible to get bored in such a wonderful place called Bora Bora and if you decide to visit Bora Bora do not miss the opportunity to visit the pearl farm, located on the main island. Here you can learn all about how to grow these jewels of the ocean, but you can also buy your own pearl or pearl necklace. Bora Bora is a perfect honeymoon destination. This paradise on earth is nothing like the summer places to visit in California. Although Malibu and Sonoma Coast are also beautiful beaches, they have nothing on Bora Bora. So if you are interested in a relaxing honeymoon on a sandy beach take your mind away from the places to visit in California and focus on Bora Bora as this island’s beauty is indescribable.