Wear pink for breast cancer awareness!


October is widely recognized as the month of breast cancer awareness and most of developed countries celebrate it in order to promote the importance of being aware and detect cancer in a timely manner. There has been and continues to be an extensive research done on the causes and the prevention of breast cancer and the concept of “breast cancer awareness” is an added value to these efforts.

Nowadays, most women tend to forget that there is an alarmingly high number of cancer related deaths and most of them are due to the fact that the disease has not been detected on time. People worldwide should understand the importance of breast cancer awareness which even though is not a prevention to breast cancer, it is at least a way to get to know breasts in detail in order to notice any unusual chances and act accordingly. Due to the breast cancer awareness, it is easier to perform a self breast check and keep close contact with breasts in order to feel any change. However, it is advised to start this check at the age of 20 as around this age the development of breasts is almost complete. The menopause is also a critical period given that most breast cancer cases are diagnosed at women at this stages. They need to monitor breasts on monthly basis and involve all the efforts in order to diminish the risks of developing this diseases.

Breast cancer awareness also helps women get familiar with the life they should take in order to prevent this disease. The greatest thing is that there are many organizations involved in this activity and they make an extra effort to create breast cancer awareness through limited editions of pink products. This also enable them to raise fund for breast cancer research and even give women equal opportunities in spite of social differences. During these dedicated campaigns people are empowered to wear pink clothing and accessories and donate money for different research programs. The Pink Day connects women from all over the world in the fight against breast cancer and gives hope that it will come a day when this terrible disease will be eradicated.

An interesting thing related to breast cancer awareness is that male breast cancer is also getting more and more attention, in spite of the fact that it is a quite rare disease. There are many organizations that join their efforts to create awareness by establishing the third week of October as “Male Breast Cancer Awareness Week”. Breast cancer awareness is the result of dedicated efforts of national public service organizations, professional medical associations, and government agencies which work together to promote this concept, share information and enable easy access to medical services. Most of these entities have been involved in promoting awareness in regard to different breast cancer issues for many years and they have evolved into strong voices that have the power to make a difference and chance for better the lives of millions of women worldwide. These organizations are dedicated in raising breast cancer awareness and educating individuals throughout the entire year. If you care about breast cancer awareness, you should get involved in their campaigns and wear pink. You little piece of pink plays a part in saving lives and brings this battle with a step closer to success.