Wedding decorations on a small budget


Even if you cannot allocate a very large budget to wedding decorations, here are some tips that can help you have a dream decor on a small budget. Make sure you write these ideas in your wedding checklist. Your list should also contain a time plan and prices for all the products and services that you will be needing. Furthermore, the sooner you start planning the more you will be able to save. Not being constrained by time can help you find the best deals on everything. A wedding preparation checklist can help you be organized and able to deal with everything on time, avoiding most stressful situations and omitting something important. We hope that you will find these tips useful.

Use seasonal flowers; in spring, daffodils, snowdrops, hyacinths, freesias, lilies or tulips are in great demand. The advantage of these flowers is that they smell great. A bunch from these flowers placed in glass vases look sensational. Thus, you don’t have to order flower arrangements for each table.

In spring or summer you can use branches in blossom. Everything depends on the imagination. If the wedding takes place in winter you can choose balloon arrangements. Choose colors that match the wedding hall and combine them with flowers and verdure. A spectacular decoration and not too expensive can be a corridor from rose petals at the entrance of the wedding hall. You can do the corridor delineation with white tulle.

In addition to flowers you can use also other decorative elements: holders with candles, decorative branches, wicker baskets (suitable for autumn decorations) or colored stones. The tissues play an important role in table decorations. Choose a strong color, but that matches the wedding colors, overall.

What you can do is to use more verdure that you can pick up from the forest. Ivy completes successfully any floral decor. You can use it to decorate the banisters, arches and so on. Also, use fruit in floral decorations: lemons, apples, oranges or grapes. Mirrors increase, so use them on tables under the floral arrangements.

Try to allocate a large part of the budget for decoration in arranging the bride and bridegroom table and the dance floor. Here you can take the most beautiful pictures. One of the best money saving tips and ideas is to find a location whose furniture is neat and in very good condition, so that you don’t have to invest in tablecloths and chair covers.

And never forget that details are what matter most. They create the general picture of any decor. The elegance, sophistication and decor uniqueness are given only by the small details, not matter how small or big your budget for wedding decoration is. However there are plenty of do-it-yourself decorations that will look amazing at a wedding. After all, you cannot consider any money saving tips and ideas without taking into account the popular diy current. As long as you plan in advance and you have an organized wedding checklist there is no reason why you can’t have an amazing wedding without spending too much money.

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