Which Features Should a Good Sauna Include


If you are not familiar with the features and particularities of various types of saunas, it’s hard to know which model is the best and which lacks some important particularities. To help you invest in the best home sauna that will offer you the perfect sauna experience, here are the features that a good sauna should include.

High-quality wood construction

When you buy a home sauna, pay attention to the type of wood it’s made of and make sure there are no chemicals, toxic adhesives or plywood added to the construction. The wood the sauna is made of is not only an aesthetic matter, but also implies the safety, the durability, and the level of comfort in using the sauna. The best wood is the Canadian Hemlock wood because it s the strongest and the healthiest wood choice that will resist to the high temperatures created inside the sauna and will ensure the best heat insulation.

Carbon heaters

Saunas that use carbon infrared heaters are easier to use than the traditional saunas and they are considered to be more comfortable because there is no suffocating steam created during the sauna session. The best carbon infrared heaters are made of carbon fiber that is very durable and emits a low wavelength.

Additional sauna rocks

If you opt for a traditional sauna, choose one with additional sauna rocks that allow you to use the sauna both wet and dry. The sauna rocks sit above the heater and become hot during the sauna session and you can pour water over them to make them create steam that is beneficial for your health.

Digital control panel

This feature will turn out to be very useful in adjusting the temperature and the duration of the sauna session, so that the unit will stop heating once it reaches the desired temperature or when the time is up. This way, you will limit the energy consumption and will enjoy a comfortable and safe sauna experience.


Besides the regular heat emitted by the sauna, it’s best that you opt for one that is equipped with a chromothereapy lighting system that increases the health benefits of the sauna. The colorful lights have a beneficial effects on your body and improve your overall health.
Oxygen ionizer
This device attracts the dust and allergens in the air so that you won’t inhale them while you sit in the sauna. It also retains moisture so that there will be no mold spores created inside the sauna so you will breathe a clean and healthy air.

Head supports and backrests

For a more comfortable sauna experience, opt for a sauna that includes head and backrests so that you won’t have to pay more in order to add them to your sauna. These items are attached to the walls of the sauna and help you relax better due to a proper body posture.

Feet warmers

A sauna that is equipped with an infrared feet warmer increases the coverage of the infrared light, makes you feel warmer faster and increases the health benefits of using the sauna.