Wireless Devices Negative Effects on Health


We live in a world full of electromagnetic radiations. In the moment a cell phone connects with the cell phone tower, electromagnetic radiation is generated. Taking into account that 270 million cell phones were put to use by Americans in 2009, the amount of electromagnetic radiation is enormous. The question consumer should rise is related to the effects wireless devices have on their heath. There is still a debate between scientists whether wireless devices such as cell phones really affect people by causing health problems. In September 2007, the European Environment Agency stated that there is the possibility that cell phone technology cause health problems comparable to those induced by smoking or asbestos.

In 1999, The World Health Organization started the Interphone study conducted by scientists and researchers from 13 countries. After 10 years of research, their conclusion was that using a cell phone for a long time can lead to brain damages. Because some other studies suggested the radiofrequency radiation may be a cause of these health conditions, precaution is best. In addition to this, prestigious research institutions from Europe proved there is a connection between cell phones and brain cancer, Alzheimer disease and other affections.

The Interphone study also discovered a link between cell phone use and cancer of the parotid gland (the salivary gland located in the cheek area). Other studies relate the electromagnetic interference with the motility of sperm. Men who usually keep their cell phones in pants pockets are advised to find another place for these wireless devices in order to prevent possible infertility.

When exposed to electromagnetic field, it was discovered that type-3 diabetics have a rise in blood sugar level and heart rate, therefore electric pollution can cause type-3 diabetes. Cell phones, TVs and computers are pervasive devices which generate electromagnetic fields, consequently they are sources of electric pollution.

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There are some things you can do to reduce the effects of electromagnetic radiations. First of all maximize the distance between your head and the wireless source. In cell phone case, use headsets, the speakerphone option or just send a message instead of calling. It is very important for parents to limit their children access to these devices and allow them to use cell phones only if needed.

Wireless devices negative effects can be ameliorated with a healthy diet. Try to eat fruits and vegetables which contain antioxidant compounds. These elements prevent radiation-induced cellular changes. Antioxidants can be found in apples, broccoli, cauliflower, grapes and citrus fruits. Recently, Spanish researches discovered that carnosic and rosmarinic acids in the herb rosemary fight free radicals from radiations which are already in cells.