2012 BMW M5


The 2012 BMW M5 was definitely one of the main attractions of the Shanghai Auto Show2011 and to our joy, we were able to admire the new 5 Series performance, although some pictures of the car have appeared on the Internet before the event.



These pictures of the new 2012 BMW M5 appeared on a blog from Russia also presents the concept version that we think is identical to the versions of production.

Like the previous generation, the new 2012 BMW M5 is different from the rest of the 5 Series models by a more sporty design made by the new front bumper with larger air holes to provide better cooling for the engine and larger brake discs on the front, rear bumper ‘muscle’ that accommodates the four tailpipes also new larger wheels, in this case, are painted black and have a twin five spoke design.

The new 2012 BMW M5 has already five clients. Five units of future BMW M5 were already pre-ordered from potential customers in Singapore. This announcement comes just three days after the preview of the new car prototype – the BMW M5 concept – which was exhibited at the Singapore Motor Show, the premiere of the model taking place in China at Shanghai.

According to Asia One, the five customers of the serial version F10 BMW M5 will have to wait almost a year until super sportive new sedan will arrive in the city-state in Peninsula Malaysia – that is until February 2012. The launch in Europe will most probably take place in autumn at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Considering that none of the five did not lead any of the pre-series prototypes only some journalists had that privilege a few months ago, I would say that they showed at least a blind trust.

To be completely weird soup mix, we will inform you that Singapore is one of the states with the highest import duties on cars and the future F10 M5 is expected to cost the equivalent of an average by somewhere around half a million dollars from BMW dealers of the tiny state.

Although the design, technical data and machine performance can be maximum estimated, based on information we already know by now appeared that the new BMW M5 will have a supercharged 4.4-liter V8 with two turbochargers and direct injection. Besides a six-speed manual gearbox whose existence is still not yet confirmed, the new Bavarian shot will have a dual-clutch sequential box and seven forward gears.

Performances will be obviously in the superlative car, with information such as BMW already confirmed that the model will have an average fuel consumption 25% lower. So a BMW faster, not a traditional method by propulsion and greener – maybe this idea persuaded those five people.


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