3 Fun Crafts for Boys


These 3 crafts for boys are a great way to stimulate their imagination and have fun while doing something useful! These crafts are for boys, but girls can also do them.

1. Baseball fridge magnet

What you need for this craft: small flat magnet, red paint, scissors, paint brush, ribbon, craft glue, colored beads, round flat white beads.
1. If you can’t find a white flat bead you can paint it yourself. After it dries, paint red threads on it so it resembles a baseball. Let it dry.
2. Cut a 12-14 inch long piece of ribbon and knot it in the middle, leaving one small loop.
3. Push the baseball bead onto the ribbon until it reached the knot and make another knot right under the bead.
4. Push 3 colored beans on each end of the ribbon, 1 inch below the baseball and tie a know below them. Add more beans if you like.
5. Cut the extra ribbon one inch below the final knots.
6. Glue the small magnet on the back of the baseball bean and wait for it to dry. Your fridge magnet is ready!

2. Solar system

These crafts for boys are also educational, and easy to make! You just need old newspapers, round balloons, paint, paper mache paste and a place to hang them to dry.
1. Blow up the balloons. Make them in different sizes according to the actual planet size. The moon has to be smaller than the earth and the sun the biggest.
2. Tear the newspaper into 2 inch wide and 7 inch long pieces and dip them into the mache paste.
3. Apply the newspaper pieces to the balloons in 3 or 4 layers.
4. Hang them to slowly dry and avoid heat sources.
5. Paint the planets using specific colors, yellow moon, blue and green earth.

3. Balloon powered car

Car crafts for boys are a must have! For this amazing balloon car you will need: balloon, tape, ruler, craft knife, plastic straws, 1 milk carton (300 ml), 4 plastic bottle lids, a bamboo skewer and a metal skewer.
1. Measure the bamboo skewers so that they are long enough to cross the base of the carton and into the plastic lids on each side. Cut the right sized 2 skewers.
2. Cut 2 straws a bit shorter than the base of the milk carton. Place bamboo skewers into the straws.
3. Make holes in the center of each plastic lid wheel with a heated metal skewer. Place the bamboo skewers into the holes. Secure them with glue.
4. Use the tape to place the straws under the milk carton.
5. Tape the balloon loosely on top of the milk carton. Blow it and let go to power your car!