3 Long Hairstyles for Women


Summer is right around the corner and girls with long hair need something to refresh their image. If you are not ready for some new hair color ideas, perhaps you should focus on some summer hairstyles. Braids are a great way to create a classy and chic look that matches any outfit and keeps you cool on a hot day.  If you are not really handy when it comes to braiding your hair, you can always go to a hairstyle salon. Guys, this is the perfect beauty women gift, by the way. Nevertheless, here are 3 interesting long hairstyles for women:

1. Mermaid tail braid
1. Wash your hair and brush it thoroughly so there are no knots. Pull the hair back using your fingers and split it into two even sections.
2. Straighten your hair with a good flat iron. While you can achieve a mermaid braid with wavy hair as well, it looks better if the hair is straightened.If you don’t own a flat iron, now would be a good time to read some flat iron reviews and buy a quality product.
3. After straightening your hair with the flat iron, braid each section into two separate classic braids. Join them together with a discrete elastic band that matches your hair color.
4. Use bobby pins similar to your hair color to connect the two braids. Add as many as you need so the braid is secure. Hairspray might help if you have frizzy hair. This is one of the easiest long hairstyles for women that will surely put you in the spotlight.

2. Elegant fishtail braid
1. Prepare your hair by washing and brushing it. Like all braids, the fishtail also looks better with straight hair so use your trusty flat iron in order to get rid of loose, frizzy hairs. Next, pull the hair back or to one side in a pony tail and secure it with an elastic band. Later you will cut the band so use one that you don’t need.
2. Divide the pony tail into two even sections using your fingers.
3. Pull a thin strand of hair from the outside part of the left section over the top and grasp it under the right section. You can use strands of different sizes, but make sure you use the same thickness for each.
4. Pull a strand from the outside part of the right section and grasp it under the left section. Pull it tight or leave it a little bit loose for a messy look.
5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you reach the tips of the hair.
6. Tie it with an elastic band and cut the first one you used. Add ribbons or other accessories of you like.

3. The hair bow
1. This is one of our favorite long hairstyles for women. The bow is original, easy to do and will definitely become the center of attention at a party.
2. Wash your hair and make sure it is dry. Wet hair might be easier to work with but it won’t produce the desired effect. Use hairspray to tidy the strands and add a small amount of hair gel if you have really frizzy hair.
3. Decide if you want the bow on the top of your head or on one side.
4. Pull back the hair into a pony tail. Create a loop using three quarters of the hair that resembles a loose bun with the hair ends tucked into the elastic. Make sure the ends are tightly secured.
5. Divide the loop into two even sections and use the remaining quarter of the hair to separate them. Pull it back through the middle section of the hair and tuck it in the elastic or secure it with bobby pins if you have shorter hair.
6. Shape the two even sections with bobby pins and add some extra hairspray.

These hairstyles are perfect for the summer time as they are sophisticated yet casual. Furthermore, they work with all possible hair colors. However, certain hair color ideas such as honey blonde and caramel highlights will make these hairstyles even more spectacular than they already are.  And don’t forget, if you are looking for the perfect beauty women gift, a paid expense at the hair salon for these magnificent styles will definitely be appreciated.


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