5 Most Popular Craft Beers in US


The term “microbrewery” originates in the United kingdom and was first used in 1970 to describe small breweries that produced craft beers. In the 1980s, people in the U.S. refereed it to breweries that produced less than 15,000 beer barrels per year. Although it initially described size, “microbrewery” became a trademark for places that offered good customer service, brewing flexibility, experimentation and adaptability. Craft breweries have a different marketing strategy because they offer diverse quality products instead of those mass produced by mega-brewery corporations. Simply put, craft beer is a type of beverage produced by a small, traditional and independent brewery.

Samuel Adams Boston Lager
Produced by Boston Beer, the Samuel Adams Boston Lager is a robust brew with a strong tradition. Since 1984, only the best hand selected ingredients are used to create the passionate beverage. The Samuel Adams two-row pale malt blend and Caramel 60 gives it a deep amber to golden color.

Sierra Nevada Stout

The founders of Sierra Nevada Brewing Co used to brew their own beer at home, creating bold and full flavors. The awarded Sierra Nevada Stout has an opaque black color with ruby highlights. With a fruity flavor, the beer reveals chocolate and vanilla flavors up front and finishes dry.

Fat Tire Amber Ale
New Belgium started in the basement of Jeff Lebesch back in 1989 and although his creator no longer works for the company, successful craft beers are still produced. Fat Tire is one of the brewery’s celebrity, with a standard amber ale flavor of malts, caramel and biscuit. Floral hops add a certain dryness.

BridgePort’s Blue Heron Pale Ale

The Gambrinus Co was founded in 1986 by Carlos Alvarez, a beer importer. The BridgePort’s Blue Heron Pale Ale is one of the best craft beers produced by the company, named after Portland’s official bird. The pale ale is served in a Seattle Beer Week pint glass with one finger off-white head. Its flavor is subtle, slightly sweet with an earthy aroma and it finishes with a bitter residual hop.

The Mirror Pond Pale Ale
Gary Fish started Deschutes Brewery in 1988 in Bend, Oregon and as of 2010 it became the fifth largest craft brewery in the United States. The Mirror Pond Pale Ale is one of the finest craft beers brewed “unmistakably right” and that is why it won a gold medal at the International Brewing Awards. Its amber color is clean an bright, with a wispy off-white head. A toasty malt aroma sneaks underneath the floral flavor with lime and grapefruit hops.