5 Pilates Benefits


Pilates is a fitness system created by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century. Joseph , a German physical-culturist, practiced many training regimes that inspired him to develop exercises that aim to strengthen the human body and mind. Today, 11 million people in the U.S. alone practice the discipline regularly. Pilates benefits vary from improving flexibility to increasing energy levels.

Body awareness
Properly performed, Pilates changes your personal awareness of how you move, sit, stand. Any injuries or aches are related to habits like sitting at the computer with rounded shoulders. Not exercising enough can lead to a weakness of the postural muscles while going to the gym only works the extremities. The lack of a strong foundation and core will tighten or weaken certain areas that become susceptible to injury.

Develops core strength
The core of the body consists of the deep abdominal muscles and the spinal muscles. The trunk, pelvis and shoulder girdle are also included. These muscles are necessary for a good posture and a supple back that supports the body. Joints and muscles are freed and the neck and shoulders can relax. Other Pilates benefits are flat abs.

Weight loss and long lean muscles
Practiced regularly, Pilates will change the way four body looks. Most workouts tend to build short bulky muscles that are easily injured. Pilates tones the body, elongates the muscles and increases elasticity. It teaches you how to move with grace and hold a good posture. Because it is a full body fitness method, Pilates burns calories and is a great tool for those that want to lose weight.

Makes you look taller
One of the Pilates benefits is that it makes you look taller by promoting a good posture. Genetics can’t be changed and bones lengthened, but with a proper workout a person can experience their fullest height. Pilates exercises teach the proper alignment of the body and help the body fight gravity by relieving compression in the hips and spine. If the compressed space between the vertebra is resealed a person can gain a few centimeters in height. Spinal decompression also helps those that suffer from back pain.

Anyone can do it
Anyone can do this type of workout, either they are athletes, beginners or seniors. The foundation of Pilates movement makes it highly accessible. Because of the multitude of exercises, a Pilates regular routine develops proper body alignment and builds up core strength. They can be adapted and modified to fit each person’s needs.