5 Signs She Really Doesn`t Like You


Women like being chased, but only be men they have an interest in. The following five signs can tell a man that the woman he is flirting with really doesn`t like him. These golden rules are true only if the man already met the woman.

  • She doesn`t ask you questions.

If the woman never asks you to detail, she is not into you. More precisely, you are not an interest for her. In case you are colleagues and she asks you about how was your weekend when she passes by, this doesn`t mean anything unless she actually stops and waits for your answer. Her question is purely courtesy, so don`t start dreaming about her. In addition, if your colleague asks you only things related to work, she is definitely seeing you as a simple co-worker.

  • She gives you delayed feedback.

Everybody can find some time to text someone, so if you get no feedback sooner than a day or two, she probably doesn`t like you. Of course she might be busy, like all women are, but if she really is into you, she will make time to call you or answer your messages.

  • She doesn`t let you do her favors.

When you start offering to do her favors, she will instantly know you like her. Since she doesn`t want to feel obligated to you, she won`t accept favors. Women hate owing something to men they don`t like. Even if you do make her a favor, she will repay it as soon as possible. For example, if you buy her a coffee in the morning and she returns the favor the same day, it a sign she is not interested in you. In contrast, a woman loves it when the man she likes does something nice for her.

  • She keeps the distance.

If she keeps a foot or more of space between the two of you, it`s her way of saying she doesn`t like you. In only a few cases this large distance can be interpreted as something positive, as the woman probably feels attracted to you, but she is not confident enough to get closer.

  • She doesn`t maintain eye contact more than a few seconds.

In case she is not making eye contact, she doesn`t like you, so it`s time for you to move on. The fact that she doesn`t look at you is usually a negative sign, so if she doesn`t show any signs of being interested in you, you can forget about her. Still, this attitude of not making eye contact can be also interpreted as something good in some cases, because the woman can be shy or you may intimidate her.