6 Modern Living Room Design Ideas That Can Help You Redefine Your Space


The living room is the centerpiece of a home – a space made to be used for entertaining, watching TV, spending time with family and friends, throw parties, etc. The following examples will help you create your own version of a luxury living room.

The bedroom is supposed to be the most comfortable room in the house, and that the living room is designed for impressing the guests. However, we can often feel like strangers in our own house. So, it’s important to come up with living room design ideas that will give us a warm feeling every time we enter our house.

Fancy furniture and decorations are expected to worth a fortune. It’s not always the case, but if you want to decorate your home like the luxury hotels in movies, you might expect to spend quite a big amount of cash. When it comes to decorating our homes, we hardly spare a dime. Indeed, it’s a long-term investment, so we want to choose top quality items.

There are lots of changes that we can make to improve our space. Let’s some of the best ideas for a modern living room design. 

  • Create an eye-catching panoramic view 

A stunning and eye-catching view promotes the best feeling a person can have. And when thinking of making your living room look like you’re in the middle of an island, it’s even more breathtaking. Imagine lounging in your home, next to an open fire at the chimney, and an outstanding panoramic view on the other side. Would you like to clear your busy mind through this stunning living room? Amazing views like these can inspire people to transform their home into a place of peacefulness, where even the ocean could breathe relaxed.

Textured stone surfaces, ceiling wood, windows, and glass doors, are obvious choices for properties that allow the sunlight to bathe the living room in a magnificent spark from dusk until dawn. Later, the glittering evening blanket of stars would light up space, bringing peace and serenity. Ensure that you have a good source of natural light in the room, mainly in the main living area. We need a lot of natural light for optimal function, so go for glass walls in areas where you spend most of your time. 

  • Make your small space elegant

If you want to make your home look stunning, you must know that details make a huge difference, especially in smaller spaces. When it comes to decorating your home, it’s best to leave the hard work on experts’ hands. But we should still use our imagination for something. It’s the small rooms that don’t look promising where you might find the most fun. It may be challenging to decorate compact spaces, but they offer us a creative experience. Trust the process and do the research – ask for advice, if needed, and you’ll end up with something very stylish. The space under the stairs, for example, could be used to store books. Add some shelves to put the books on and a bench to make the space bigger. You’ve created an entertaining and attractive space for reading!

  • Add a touch of glamour

If you love that glam decorating style, then you should start to recreate the look of your living room. You can easily add a touch of glamour to your space by using fabrics like silk and velvet. Velvet sofas are a thing – despite the luxurious appearance, velvet is quite a durable fabric. If you have cats, velvet is one of the best furniture fabrics you can choose for your sofa. The cat’s fur will get on the fabric, but luckily, you can easily clean it up using a brush. But if you don’t want to go all velvet, you can add a few cushions in this luxurious fabric or add them to your curtains.

Money isn’t always the issue – most people say that they can’t afford to remodel their homes because they lack money. Nowadays, having it all doesn’t seem that hard! You can rent to own furniture, with no credit needed to apply for the lease. Bad credit financing furniture is possible – buy now and pay later is possible, even if you have bad credit. 

  • Make your home like a luxury hotel

If you’re no stranger to finer and luxurious things and appreciate more what’s expensive, then you should make your home look like a luxury hotel. Certainly, luxury is all about being spoiled. Some might say that luxury is not essential, while others are madly in love with opulent textures. The luxurious textures like velvet and silk can enhance any room with elegance. No wonder it has been used throughout centuries, as this is considered a royal fabric in fashion – it’s extravagant, rich, and splendid. Try to add a simple velvet blanket on your bed or some cushions on the couch to create the ultimate luxe living room décor instantly. 

  • Dare to use glass walls

Glass doors, walls, tables, and shelves? Yes, please! A glass table is perfect for the entryway hall, with no additional details. It’s the area that people overcrowd the most, especially if there’s a coat rack. To make the space look airy and fresh, combine white flooring with glass walls – it makes the space larger because of the glass walls and white accents. Also, choose a transparent glass top for the dining table. It will allow you to see the base and make all the dishes look a lot airier. Cracked glass is also a great choice, as this is a fascinating and remarkable detail to use and decorate your home. 

  • Create colorful spaces

Decorating your living room with colors can be a scary thing. How should you match everything? Is green a suitable color? These are questions with endless answers. The truth is that if you don’t follow some basic rules, you might create an unexpected combination. What you can do is place a colored sofa (dark blue, maybe) in your living room, in front of a white wall, and throw some red pillows to attract the eyes of the visitors. It should be the room’s focal point, as you don’t want to go too far with the details.

Hopefully, these are useful tips for styling your home with the essence of luxury. We live in a modern world, so to have it all, you have to dare to be big – no more returning home and see nothing else than a disappointing space. You should enjoy spending time in your home, so whatever you do, make sure it is anything other than ordinary.