6 Effective Cycling Workouts


Cycling has three controllable factors you can modify: pedal cadence (revolutions per minute), gearing and heart rate (effort). The type of terrain is another controllable factor you can manipulate. A higher cadence results in better blood flow by increasing the heart output. The legs are the most effective blood pumping system. You can become more efficient by riding at a higher than normal cadence. If you are a novice rider, keep track how many times your right knee comes up in 30 seconds. You can also measure it with a bike computer that has a cadence sensor, and if you are an experienced rider use a CompuTrainer combined with SpinScan. These cycling workouts are great for increasing the average rpm:

Progressive workouts
Start the first workout with 10 minutes of easy spinning. Try to maintain equal pressure on the pedal for the entire 360 degrees. Do single leg intervals for the first five minutes of the cycling workout. Start the drill set with the right leg only for 1 minute and the left leg for another minute. Use both legs at a high cadence without bouncing in the third minute and then recover. Proceed with two sets of progressive spin-ups for 10 minutes with a recovery period of 5 minutes. Start each set at a pace of 75 rpm and every two minutes switch to an easier gear and each time increase with 5 rpm until you reach a cadence of 95 rpm. Finish with 10 minutes of easy spinning to recover.

Begin the second workout with 10 minutes of easy spinning and in the last 2 minutes increase to 95 revolutions per minute. Start the main set with 1 minute at 95 rpm and 1 minute of 120 rpm, followed by 30 seconds of easy spin and 10 seconds of maximum cadence. Make sure your hips don’t start to bounce. Finish with one minute of moderate pace and repeat the set 4-5 times. Recover with 10 minutes of easy spinning. You can fit this workout in the middle of a long ride.

High-Intensity workouts
Another efficient cycling workout includes High-Intensity Intermittent Exercises (HIIT). This type of training can help you achieve a high level of fitness faster.. An HITT session can vary from 3 minutes to half an hour. It improves fat burning and glucose metabolism. Start with a 3 minutes warm up at 95 rpm and then pedal as hard as you can for 30 seconds and then recover for another 30 seconds. Try to achieve a 120 rpm. Repeat for eight rounds and finish with 3 minutes of easy spinning. Another effective HIIT training is to cycle for 1 km as fast as you can, then cool down and repeat five times.