6 Indian Restaurant Specialties


Because of a wide range of soil type, climate and occupations, Indian cuisine uses a diversity of herbs, spices, vegetables, fruits and meat. Its development has been influenced also by Jain beliefs , Hindu beliefs and vegetarianism. Indian dishes are becoming increasingly popular around the globe. Ranging from mild to spicy, Indian food can please any gourmand. If you find yourself in an Indian restaurant, make sure you try these 6 specialties:

1. Neer dosa and Chicken curry (Mangalore)
This dish will surely make your mouth water! The soft rice pancakes are garnished with chicken curry and coconut milk gravy. The mildly spiced dish can be served for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

2. Idlis and Sambar
This tasty cake is made by steaming fermented rice and black lentils. One of the most popular south Indian dishes, the Idlis is on every Indian restaurant menu. Served with a vegetable stew called sambar, this specialty is light and delicious. Even the World Health Organization declared it one of the most nutritious and safe foods because of the high protein content and no fat. Idlis and Sambar is great for breakfast!

3. Aloo Paratha with Sweet Curd or Dahi
Aloo means potato and parathas is an Indian flat bread made from wheat and stuffed with various fillings. Punjabies love this dish and make different types of Aloo Paratha like Gobhi paratha and paratha with onions. Although it contains fats and cholesterol because of the desi ghee and hence pure used when cooking, eating it in the morning can energize you.

4. Mughlai buffet
This food is Northern specialty that used to be prepared in the kitchens of the royal Mughal Emperors. The Mughlai buffet is elaborate and contains many dishes like flavored sauces and butter based curries with names like kofta, kebabs and pulao.

5. Rajasthani Dishes: Dal-Bati, Raabdi & Ghevar
The traditional Ghevar sweet has a disc shape and many varieties. Raabdi is made with flour, bajre ki roti, muth and yogurt. Bati is a firm unleavened bread made from pulses and served with stew. The Rajasthani people suffer from lack of water so instead they use large quantities of butter, milk or butter milk to minimize the amount of water used for cooking.

6. Ilish fish paturi
You can find the Ilish fish paturi in any Indian restaurant because of its unique taste. To prepare this dish, Hilsha Fish is cooked in banana leaves and seasoned with many spices that give it a strong flavour. Bengali people prefer fish rather than other meats and serve it with rice.