80s Fashion Trends


A lot of early 80s fashion trends were inspired from the late 70s, when close fitting clothes for the upper part of the body combined with looser pants and skirts. A decade later this style reversed and looser shirts, close-fitting skirts and trousers became popular. Influenced by shows like Magnum and P.I., men grew mustaches and medium-length hair. In the late 1980s, because o the Heavy Metal music, very long hair for men became in vogue and so did the brightly colored mens fashion shirts. Madonna revolutionized the music and the fashion world, becoming a role model for young women that adopted hey style. They wore leggings with short skirts and brassieres over blouses, accessorized with crucifix jewelry. Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein became famous designers during the 80’s. So, if you find yourself in a fashion rot, we have some amazing fashion tips for you which involve 80s fashion inspiration.

The valley girl style
This early 80s womens fashion style started in California and quickly spread throughout the country. At the same time, “ra-ra” skirts worn by cheerleaders and leg warmers became trends. Mini skirts made a comeback and they became associated with the valley girl fashion because of the movie with the same name and the Moon Unit Zappa song. Girls and women started to wear mini skirts, and in the late 90’s they actually became an element of women business suits. Sometimes the skirts were matched with dolly shoes and leg warmers. Leg warmers were also worn with tight jeans, high heels and long sweaters.

Thriller trend
This 80s fashion trend was inspired by Michael Jackson’s album “Thriller” and the song with the same name. Matching red or black pants and jackets, the jheri curl, sunglasses and one glove were part of the eccentric outfits. During that time, there were also a lot of brightly colored mens fashion shirts. The European jackets were oversized, had puffy sleeves and were accompanied by glasses and a fingerless glove. Sun glasses were often worn at night. The aviator jackets inspired by the fighter pilot jackets also made a comeback in the late 80’s.

Madonna’s “Street urchin” look
The “Street urchin” look was one of the most influential 80s fashion trends. Short skirt were worn over leggings and brassieres over shirts. Necklaces, rubber bracelets, boy-toy belts and crucifixes were also common. The hair was messy, bleached with dark roots and decorated with lace ribbons and head bands. Million of girls imitated Madonna’s style in her “Like a virgin” period. Fishnet stockings and gloves were promoted by the star as well as bolero-jackets and tubular dresses. The “Street urchin” look was an expression of sexual freedom and rejection of androgynous clothing. Through her bold 80s womens fashion clothing, Madinna influenced countless girls and redefined the boundaries of style.

Music and film stars influence the fashion tips as well as the hairstyles. Big and eccentric hairdos were popular among teenagers. Excessive mousse and hairspray were used for greater volume.