A handy guide if you want to buy a car as a Christmas gift

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Christmas is around the corner and believe it or not, you’re not the only one who buys a car as a holiday gift. 

You’ve been thinking the year-round about the commercials on TV that suggest a car is the best gift you can offer for Christmas and you cannot decide if this is the right choice for your spouse or partner. Cars can make a fantastic gift for your loved one, but you need to set some reasonable expectations when you pick it. It’s crucial to consider the list of features they’d look into a car to select the model that suits their needs. 

This article provides you with some tools to save money and time and stay away from stress because offering a car as a holiday gift can be an overwhelming experience

Make sure you choose the right car

You may like a sports car, but remember you’re not buying it for you. You may think that because you’re married or living together, you’ll both use it and it should fit the family’s needs, but remember this is the gift they get for Christmas, and they should receive something they like. So, forget about your idea of an ideal car, and try to identify the features they’d want in a vehicle they’d drive daily. Remember, a car isn’t a scented candle; you can easily return to the store because your partner doesn’t like the fragrance. Most showrooms don’t allow returns, and they’ll end up driving a car they hate for years. And try to imagine how it would feel to drive in the car with them knowing that you purchased something they despise. 

When buying gifs for someone else, make sure it’s the thing they have their eyes on. Yes, your partner may be the kindest individual, and they may appreciate whatever you get them, but they’ll enjoy it even more if you pick something they’ve been wanting. In addition to choosing the brand and model they want, try to also think about their needs. Do they need a car they drive in the city? Do they need a lot of storage? Ask them questions about what they’d like in a car, but make sure you’re sneaky about the subject because you don’t want to ruin the surprise. 

Buy on Christmas Eve

You may not want to wait until last moment to get the gift for your better half, but in this case, it may be smarter to pick it last minute. Why? Car dealers are eager to sell as many cars as they can before Christmas because January is known for being the month when people make the least purchases. And if they don’t manage to accomplish their sales plan before the Christmas Eve, they’ll offer discounts for last-minute buyers. 

What should you do? Search the market, look for the car you want to purchase and make a list of showrooms that sell it. Then, on the Christmas Eve visit the dealerships and purchase the vehicle from the store that offers the highest discount. If you cannot make it to the showroom on that day, you can reach them and ask them to deliver the car to your place on Christmas day. The dealerships in Kansas City mo are prepared to act quickly, especially during the holiday season when many of their clients are buying cars for gifts.  

Registration and title

You need to decide if you want to register the car on your partner’s name or add it to your insurance. When you’re buying a vehicle for someone else, you aren’t able to register it on their name because if you want to keep it a surprise, they cannot be present to sign the papers. But you can talk to the dealership, tell them you plan to make it a surprise, and they can work a way around the situation. Your partner can sign the papers when the dealer delivers the car at home. Once again, it’s best to inform the dealer on the purpose of the vehicle so they can help you with the registration and title. 

Now try to keep it a secret

Keeping a secret this big isn’t simple, especially because the dealership has to contact you multiple times to complete the transaction. Tell the dealer when they can call you without your spouse finding out you’re planning a surprise for them. You don’t want them to call you at home because they may alert your better half. And you avoiding questions on who’s calling you when you leave the room to answer the phone won’t make it any easy. Dealers have experience with dealing with surprises, so they can support you to hide it from your partner until Christmas day. They’ll hold the car until the day comes, and they drive it to your house’s front door with a giant bow attached to it.