How Can You Help if You Witness a Motorcycle Accident


Riding a motorcycle, especially in a busy city, is the most liberating feeling, because you can squeeze into narrow spaces and you can avoid traffic jams more than by car. Many people are very passionate about motorcycles taking it to the level where they have entire collections and only use them for moving around fast from one place to another. The thing is that they are not very save, because they don’t offer a lot of protection and as much as you cover yourself with special protective riding suits, bad things can still happen.

Being involved in a motorcycle accident is a horrific experience and being a witness of one can shock you a lot. But the most important thing you should do is keep calm and not panic. Offer your help if needed, call the emergency do whatever you need to do. Beware though, you should first keep yourself out of danger, secure and whole, so don’t go in the middle of the street unless it’s safe for you.

Calm down and keep yourself safe

Witnessing a motorcycle accident happen before your eyes is a scary and shocking scene and it’s only natural to panic a little bit even if it doesn’t involve you whatsoever (besides seeing it, of course). The first thing you should do in this case is try to calm yourself down, because you won’t be able to help at all if you panic more than the rider himself. So, breathe, shake it off and then go see what happened and if there’s something you could do. But beware, don’t put your own life in danger. Watch out for yourself and keep your eyes and ears wide open for potentially unsafe situations. It’s important to be safe so you could help, otherwise you will need some assistance yourself and that is not desirable for your own well-being. Only after you are 100% sure there’s nothing that can happen to you, go and check on the victim(s).

First aid and emergency call

After analyzing the scene and seeing what’s there to do, offer the first aid or CPR if necessary. This could change the situation in a better way and it could be essential for the victim’s life. The well-being of that person depends on you and your abilities in this area, so if you don’t know what to do, call 911 and explain to them with details what happened. They will ask you some questions to help and guide you through every step until they manage to get there.

It’s very important not to move the victim unless the position is life threatening. By moving their body, you could cause more causalities than there already are. Also, don’t remove the helmet, because it protects his/her head and plus you could worsen the injuries they may already have.  If possible, try and find some medical supplies for the first aid.

It’s important to communicate with the victim, see if he/she’s responsive, what hurts, if he/she can move and so on. Only do what is absolutely necessary and nothing more. Also, try to redirect the passersby away from the scene. And most importantly, when the paramedics arrive, get out of their way. Everything you do could save someone’s life, so make sure you give them all the details.

Help them find legal help if necessary

After everything is settled, the victim is safe and everything is back to normal on the street, you should offer your help in finding a legal solution for the situation. You play a very important role in all this, because you were the eye witness of what happened and you could help with the details when the person involved directly in the accident can’t remember most of it or is unconscious.

You can even offer to search for the best attorneys in this field. For example, a motorcycle accident Miami expert can help you with these kinds of cases.

Other things you could do

If the area where the accident happened is a busy one, try to make it as safe as possible, stopping the traffic around or redirecting everybody. You could also ask for help from the drivers that stopped to mark the area, so that everybody knows they have to avoid it. Contact information from other witnesses can also be of great help, so try and gather as much as you can.

If it was a hit and run kind of accident, there’s no use in chasing the driver. You could as well remember the registration plate or take a note somewhere so the police could deal with it later. It’s not like you could catch a running car anyway, so stay focused on the victim. Moreover, you can take pictures of the scene, because it will be helpful later for the investigation.

Take everything into consideration and don’t be a hero. If you have no idea whatsoever about what to do, ask if there is someone medically trained among the witnesses and get their help.