How Growing Around Animals Can Influence Your Child’s Development


We all love to be around pets which give us an instant positive mood with their wagging tails, wet cute noses, and unconditional love. However, the dilemma whether it is better for kids to grow around pets or not is extremely popular among parents from all over the world due to the fact that kids are more sensitive to the things which surround them and more predisposed to getting sick than adults are. As a parent, it is absolutely normal for you to worry about your child’s safety and health and you wish to make sure that you make the best decision for his or her wellbeing. However, if you were thinking that you have to choose to not have a pet due to the fact that you are a parent and you might put your child in danger, you need to know that specialists have actually proven numerous times that it is extremely beneficial for kids to grow together with pets. Here are the most important benefits of growing around pets for your child’s development.

Better general health

Even if they love pets, when it comes to their child’s health and safety, many parents perceive pets as a danger. The fact that the furry pets may leave hair which contains numerous bacteria and might bring dirt inside the house due to the fact that they love playing outside where the environment is not clean, make parents wonder how pets can affect their child’s health. However, scientists have proven that growing together with a pet can improve the general health of a child by helping them to develop immunity to some specific illnesses such as allergies and autoimmune illnesses. Moreover, kids who own a pet are more likely to get outside of the house to play with their furry friend instead of laying on the couch in front of the Tv all day long which helps them get the minimum exercise which they need daily in order to maintain their health.  Also, apart from helping kids to have good physical health, having a furry friend is definitely a great way to boost mental wellbeing. Not only that pets are known to be extremely therapeutic for kids who are struggling with mental illnesses such as anxiety or depression, but also there is no way that they can stay upset when their furry friend does goofy things only to make them smile and play with them.

Learn important skills and values

As a parent, you need to be aware of the importance of teaching your child the most important life values in order for them to grow into well-shaped adults who will be capable to deal with all the responsibilities which they will encounter in their future careers and personal lives. Growing around a pet can be an extremely fun way for your child to learn and develop all the necessary soft skills such as empathy, compassion, and communication skills which will help him or her to have amazing social interactions with all the people with whom she or he will interact later in life. First of all, having a pet is the best way to teach your child what responsibility means due to the fact that you can ask him or her to help you with the easy tasks required for feeding or walking the pet. When it comes to dog grooming, you should let professionals do it and take proper care of the way your dog looks like. Your child will not even feel like he or she is making an effort to take care of the easy tasks for your pet due to the fact that it is his or her furry friend. However, it will teach your child to be responsible at an early age. Moreover, kids who grow together with a pet develop better communication skills by socializing easier with other pet owners due to the fact that they have a common ground which they can discuss.  Also, a pet’s simple presence will help your child develop verbal skills as your child will be more stimulated to try to chatter away with his or her furry friend.

Higher self-esteem

According to specialists, another benefit which kids who grow together with pets get is the fact that they develop higher self-esteem due to the fact that it has a great influence on your child’s positive development. By helping your child to have good mental health, develop communication skills and other soft skills which are important in the interaction with other humans, growing around a pet helps your child to be more confident and have higher self-esteem which is essential for a well-shaped and successful adult.

Kids and dogs are best friends

Surely, the most important gift which pets offer us all is the unconditionally love. Pets do not make any difference between nationality, religion or culture, they love their owners no matter what and offer unconditionally love. The greatest value that your child can learn from growing around a pet is how to love unconditionally and accept the others without judging them according to anything else than their good heart. Kids and dogs seem to be best friends as they love playing, exploring new places, and having fun together. If you wish to make sure that your child will grow together with a loving and fun furry friend, you definitely should consider allowing your kid to develop around a pet.

The health and psychological benefits of pet-keeping to children are definitely going to help your child develop into a well-shaped adult capable of being responsible, showing compassion and empathy to the people who surround him or her, and have great social interactions. Growing together with a pet means a lot more than to have a furry friend who will make your child laugh and play outside, a pet will teach your kid what unconditionally love feels like, and important life lessons which will prove to be extremely important in the future both for your child’s career and his or her personal life.